REST'S Top Gun Gunning Down Ethiopia!!

The auction of Ethiopia to Shaibia has begun folks! Meles has done it again. He has already gang-raped, robbed, wrapped, gagged, and confined Tigray to the intensive care ward. Yes, he has already murdered the hearts and soul of the Tigrean people, burned the Constitution of both the TPLF and the state of Tigray, urinated on the graves of Tigrean martyrs, and filled the hearts of our enemies with a joy of revenge!

Not satisfied with the murder of Tigray, this what Malcolm X would call a 'house nigger," is set to murder mother Ethiopia. He is now extending his hands of death, disgrace and dishonor to the rest of Ethiopia. "Normalization" a euphemism for selling out is underway folks!

And the blood of our fallen heroes has not even dried yet. The blood spilled by Meles's treasonous blind eye allowing the enemy not only to milk our country dry, compromise our nation's military secretes, have us stand defenseless and a sitting duck for Shaibia, circumvent, violate and control our banking regulations, and even relegating us to second class citizens within our own country! We can never forget too that Zenawi and his mentor, the king of death, Sibhat Nega were the architects of the whole Eritrean referendum allowing the disfigurement of our country and our history!

Yes, the blood spilled has not dried. And the family of the fallen heroes and heroines are in the midst of grief and bereavement. And yet, Shaibia's man at the heart of our country's power is pouring more grief to our country! We wonder how many sons and daughters of Ethiopia did we just finish burying in the hills and plains of Badime, Tsorona, Zalambessa, Forte, Senafe, Segenaiti, Berantu and others where the best of Ethiopia honored their country with their finest performance? And yet, Meles Zenawi, the Shaibian "attorney general" and some even say the "Shaibian Ambassador" to Ethiopia, is dishonoring the memory of Ethiopia's heroes and heroines! Here is a man whose sellout to the historic enemies of the Ethiopian people caused the incineration of the school children of Ayder, the citizen of Adigrat, Badime, Irob, Zal Ambessa and others, not only walking Scot free but also allowed to bring us more grief! Not only is he at the service of Shaibia but now he is also the "house nigger" of Africa's worst enemies!

And yet, nobody knows what the Ethiopian Defense Forces are doing? Here is Ethiopia being humiliated to the core and its Constitution reduced to a joke and yet the EDF, supposedly responsible for guarding the nation's Constitution and honor, is a helpless bystander! What the hell is wrong with you General Tsadkan? What about you General SeArre? What about you General Samora Yenus? Is it true that General Samora you have been reduced into a watchman for Meles Zenawi? Have you forgotten what Legesse Yenus was martyred for? Legesse was not martyred so those tyrants could live General Samora. he gave his life for our people, our Constitution, our honor and the well being of our people!

Tell us Tegadelty. Tell Tigray Tegadelty. And tell the people of Tigray! Tell mother Tigray what "wefri timali" was? What was "wefri Hayelom" all about? Was it so that we can be the slaves of Shaibia? Was it so that the Meles-Sibhat family can come to the helm of power and render our country powerless and at the mercy of our worst enemies? Tell us Tegadelty. Tell us please what "wefri Dedebit" was all about? And can you tell us what the mothers and fathers of Tigray told you at the time of parting; at the time of farewell? And what was the last word of your Bitsay (comrade) as he/she fell cut down at the hour of hujum? Yes, General Tsadkan, SeArre, Smora and the rest of you! Do you remember the hidri, do you remember the wefri, and do you remember Hayelom, Sbonato, Walta, Suhul, Mizor, Birhane, Kindeya, Asekih, Asgede, and the many others who passed passing the torch, the baton bearing the honor, hope and mission of the people of Tigray in particular and that of Ethiopia in general?

How could it be that you have forgotten? How could it be that you have come to kneel to the Meles- Sibhat orchestrated mayhem? Do you remember who these were and are? And do you remember 06? Do you remember too those bistay (comradesof yours) who perished at the hands who managed the ovens of 06? Do you not remember "keyt-hidiryom" and perished they vanished by the tens of thousands, innocent Tegadelti accused and sentenced to death for crimes they had nothing to do with?

Maybe, this will help you remember General Samora, Tsadkan, Searre and others. Do you remember the utterance of "China had executed a million?" Do you remember who said it? We will help you remember. He is in his sixties and he is Meles's mentor and the man currently behind the demise of TPLF and the murder of Tigray! Do you remember now that he uttered these words when the death toll of Tegadelti perishing in the ovens 06 and not at the hands of the Derg, reached 10,000! And do you remember what year it was? We will help you; it was 1975! Can you guess how many innocent Tegadelti perished since 1975 at the hands of these duet and their tentacles, and can you guess how many perished at the hands of these duet versus at the hand of the Derg? And can you guess what the sum total of our loss was? And the mother of all questions, can you remember what the sacrifice made was all about?

Surely you know all the immense sacrifice was not so that our country can become the playground for Shaibia! Surely, you know too, it was not so that our country could become the playground for the Meleses, Sibhats, Kidusan, and the rest of these human volutes of "yebekete alama!" You know too, it was not so that the Constitution of the TPLF and that of Tigray and Ethiopia so written by the most precious ink life has created could be at the discretion or whims of these grave-digging human scavengers. Forget not never Generals Tsadkan, Samora, SeArre and the rest of you zeree (seeds) Weyane that the sacrifice made was for liberty, justice, the rule of law, the supremacy of the law, protection by the law, in short it was for democracy, fair play, equity and equality! Forget never too Fire Weyane it was this rule of law so seeded at a cost of so much irreplaceable that was destroyed by Meles and his godfather Sibhat Nega!

Surely, you are aware Generals Tsadkan, Samora, SeArre and others, of the dismissals of almost half of the Central Committee of the TPLF. We have no doubt that you know very well of the meetings without quorum, dismissals without quorum and without two-thirds majority as so written by the blood of our martyrs! We are certain that you know too of the plight of the Audit Commission, a body of impartial judges so elected by the people and answerable only to the people, and entrusted with the people's mandate to represent them. Not only has the ruling of the Audit Commission been ignored but also its members elected by the people have been dismissed by the outlaws comprising of the "palace group!" In effect, the Meles-Sibhat duet has clearly spoken telling our people to go to hell!

And how can you forget the case of Gebru Asrat. An elected official of the Sate of Tigray and an elected member of the Politburo of the TPLF and the EPRDF. The same is true of the rest of the Guardian-12. These are people entrusted with dual responsibility both as elected members of the Central Committee of the TPLF, some elected members of the Politburo of the TPLF and the EPRDF as well as elected members of the Parliament of the Ethiopian government to carryout their, not only the mandate of their constituency but also that of our Wudib and our country! It is these elected officials, these representatives of the people and these vanguard of the TPLF revolutionary arm, and patriotic extraordinnaire who led our country in the breaking of the back of Shaibia, who have illegally been removed from their positions of responsibility by the illegal "palace group" well known for their mental filth and betrayal not only of Mother of Ethiopia but the cause of the black man!

And there is one more Generals Tsadkan, SeArre, Samora and others. Does it not bother you that the cause of the Tigrean people have been hijacked directly by the Meles family and indirectly, by Shibia? Did you ever wonder of the 15 to 13 vote on "Bonapartism" that finally brought about the demise of TPLF and with it, the cause, hopes and honor of the Tigrean people? Did you ever think about how Meles carried out the ultimate crime against TPLF, the cause for which tens of thousands died for, and the people of Tigray? How does the following family tree strike you? Meles blood family include Sebhat Nega, Kudusan Nega, Berhane Geberechristos, Terfu Kidanemariam (cousin of Sebhat and Kudusan), and Mulugeta Alemseged.

And the family tree has roots. Sibhat and Meles's linkage to the others who disgraced the Tigrean people is as follows: Kudusan Nega is married to Tsegay Berhe (Central Committee member), the sister of Berhane Geberechristos, is married to Arkebe Oukbay (TPLF Central Committee), the sister of Arkebe Oukbay is married to Addis Alem Balema (Central Committee member), and the sister of Terfu Kidanemariam is married to Abay Woldu (Central Committee member). Knowing what you know of the role these imposters played in the murder of TPLF and with it the people of Tigray, and knowing what you know about the secret meetings on "normalization" taking place between Meles and Isayas, does not bother your conscience that these family tree has all along orchestrated the demise of our organization and that of our people and country?

At this very junction, our people are being forced to sign, against their will, petitions to "recall" the members of the Guardian-12 who were elected by the same people to represent them in the TPLF, EPRDF and the Ethiopian Parliament. Members of the Audit Commission such the great hero, Chekol and others have been dismissed for defending the Constitution and honor of our people! The neediest of our people are being blackmailed to sign the recall petition. Food aid is being used as a weapon of submission. At this very junction, Meles's cadre are knocking at every door of our people spreading fear and a sense of seize in the communities as well as mind of our people. For the first time since the birth of TPLF, our people are feeling helpless, hopeless and without protection! Generals Tsadkan, SeArre, Samora and others, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting until you too become the next meal of the Shaibia loving duet? Must you not learn from what happened to the Guardian-12? The latter chose to play by the rules; by democracy! Now look what happened? Open your eyes please!

It is not only the Constitution of TPLF, Tigray State and that of Ethiopia, which has become the target of the Meles-Sibhat duet. Every institution in our country is being readied to welcome back Shaibia! At the heart of Tigray, in Tigray's capital and in view of the Martyrs monument and the Tigrean people, the Sibhat-Meles duet are using REST (Relief Society of Tigray) to carryout their dirty tricks! Yes, our beloved REST is now being used for the welcoming of Shaibia and as a cover for foreign agents sent to destroy us all! For the mindless thugs currently causing havoc in our country, nothing is sacred; they are using even the venerable organization such as RESTas a cover to implement their crime against Ethiopia.

"Normalization" they call it folks! REST is being used as a sponsor for the return of Shaibia! Folks, REST situated minutes from Ayder School is being used to welcome back Shaibia! You can imagine what kind of heart and compassion the Meles-Sibhat duet has! And who is in charge of this "normalization" (actually auction of Tigray and Ethiopia)? Or better said who is implementing Meles's hidden agenda of murdering Ethiopia and making, once again, Eritrea one of the top coffee exporters? And under what cover is the "Normalization" about to take place?

The duet stooges of Shibia have placed their cadres in key positions. And what they have is REST as a sponsor and the head of this "normalization" tragedy is no one other than Meles's death squad captain and REST's top gun, Tekleweyni Assefa assisted with Isayas Afewerki's cousin Dr. Solomon Inquai. Surprised the good old Dr being Isayas's second cousin? Do not be; it is the truth! Seven years ago in Mekelle and in the presence of Araya Zerihun (former Director of TDA), Dr. Solomon has told a member of the editorial board of the ETHIOPIAN COMMENTATOR of his blood relation to Isayas! And remember too, it is Dr. Solomon, Isayas's man at the heart of our home who testified at the meeting in Addis Ababa of Tigrean professionals (in the presence of Meles Zenawi) that the Cadre meeting in Mekelle, in which the Guardian-12 was muzzled, as having been democratic, fair and equitable!

Before his current assignment, Tekleweyni has been well known for the dirty roll he played during the illegal "TPLF Cadre" meeting organized and chaired by the notorious Ethiopian dictator, and Shaibia's point man in Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi. During that tragic meeting in which Tigray was literally murdered (the Constitution of the TPLF was literally put to the dust bin, the cause of our people and martyrs obliterated, the honor and dignity of our people desecrated, and the will of our mortal enemies actualized), Tekleweyni was one of the key cadres who ensured that the cadres were fully and completely brain-washed into submission. He was the key "disinformant/misinformat" responsible for orchestrating and executing a plan to harass, disrespect and disrupt the Guardian-12 appearance at the cadre meeting in Mekelle.

Among the tactics used was to carefully position in the meeting hall a selected number of cadres with instructions as to what to say and when through out the meeting. The idea was to create a sense of unanimity, and to create a sense of fear in those cadres who had TPLF's interest at heart. Moreover, these selected cadres were armed with incendiary phrases and words that evoke volcanic emotions (such as our martyrs, our Wudib, corruption, etc) so as to cloud the issues.

Currently, Tekelewyini under the direction from Meles is organizing a "Normalization with Eritrea Conference" in Mekelle. Imagine "normalization" conference at the heart of Ayder School where Shaibia cluster-bombed our children to death. The date for this conference was initially scheduled for May 14-15, 1993 E.C (ETHIOPIAN COMMENTATOR has learned this conference has been postponed for now due to the meeting of the Defense Forces in Addis Ababa to look into the Meles-Sibhat activities). But the plan calls for many NGOs from Ethiopia and abroad to be invited. The theme is how to involve the civil society in bringing Normalization and establishing lasting peace. This is in complete violation of the agreement and mandate the Ethiopian government took from the public (through the parliament) when signing the cessation of hostilities. According to the agreement and what the PM has been telling the public (of course under pressure from the guardian-12) the following steps had to be undertaken before normalization can even be considered:

1. Cessation of hostilities 2. Establishing TSZ 3. Establishing a fact-finding commissions and establishes the border 4. Determination of guilty party for the war 5. Compensation of war damages and restitution to war victims. 6. Peace agreement

Even under the above conditions, normalization with Shaibia was out of the question. When once the PM brought an agenda of Normalization to the Politburo of the EPRDF, which then consisted of members of the Guardian-12, the topic was automatically rejected and Meles Zenawi rebuked. Despite an intense pressure from EU, and US the then Politburo members of the Guardian-12 did not yield and never sacrificed the interest, honor and dignity of our people and country. The Politburo members of the Guardian-12 ensured that normalization would not even be a part of the Cessation of Hostilities or the Peace Agreement! Now that Meles Zenawi has illegally and in violation of the TPLF, EPRDF and Ethiopian Constitution, removed the Guardians, Meles Zenawi is on auto pilot to auction our country; he is in full speed to deliver what he had secretly promised and got into commitment with his US backers. Now before anything else Normalization is on the table!

The other co-sponsor of the "Normalization with Eritrea Conference" is an organization known by the "Canadian Steel Miners." They came to Tigray through REST. This group has had good relationship with REST for quite some time and were often interfering and insisting in taking part in a "reconciliation process" they wanted between Eritrea and Ethiopia while our country was at war with the disciples of Mussolini. However, the regional government led by Gebru Asrat, while appreciative of their concern, firmly told them he can not allow nor condone such process without getting the invader out of Ethiopian territory, establishing the guilty party, compensation for the victims etc. Since what they wanted was simply to go into reconciliation without any concern to what was going on in the diplomatic, and military front, the so-called "Canadian Steel Miners" left. Now they are back and they have opened a field in Tigray!

There are also other unusual activities taking place at the Zalambessa front. There are foreign agents under the guise of Norwagian church aid operating on the Zalambessa front. And what do these outsiders say when asked why they are there? Their reply is "we are assessing the ground to start Normalization...we are doing preparatory work on both sides of the border..." And who is sponsoring these people? You guessed it; their trip is facilitated by REST (of course under the blessing of Meles Zenawi)! And the sources tell ETHIOPIAN COMMENTATOR that the activities of these Norwegians has been underway for a while going back to the time when Normalization was being rejected by the Guardian-12 in the EPRDF Politburo. The sources further tell ETHIOPIAN COMMENTATOR that Tekeleweyni was active in implementing Meles's hidden agenda long before the Guardian-12 was removed.

You now have it Generals Tsadkan, Searre, Samora and the rest of you free Weyane! Now you have it too Tegaru of every denomination everywhere! We salute the Tigrean professionals in Ethiopia currently daring to demand law and order, democracy and democratic due process in our country! We urge every Ethiopia who loves his country to take part in this sacred mission of safe guarding our country! We need to let every NGO in our country and their homes of origin (their board of directors) know what is taking place in our country! We need to let them know that their help should be in the defense of the defenseless and in defense of democracy and accountability! We need to educate them about the Tekleweyni Assefa and the Solomon Inquais. Finally, we need to let them know in no uncertain terms that they must never interfere in the affairs of our country!

We must also urge the so-called "Ethiopian Religious Leaders" to stop communicating with their Shaibian counter parts! We must demand of the head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Paulos, to stop his freelancing with our religious and national honor. We make the same demand of the leadership of the Muslim faith as well as others currently being used for the destruction of our country!

Finally, we must be vigilant and never be hoodwinked into believing that the Meles-Sibhat duet cares about what and where the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) ought to be! The duet is trying very hard to come across as if they care about Ethiopia and hence the reason for last week's facade by the Ethiopian dictator! We need to demand of the duet to get out while they can, and let them know that, in the eyes of us Ethiopians, there is no such a thing as TSZ; what we believe in is "Permanent Security Zone" (PSZ) and that zone goes all the way to the coast! All these we must do in order to stop the gunning down of Ethiopia underway led by the types of the REST top guns, and the their Shaibia loving sellout masters!