Tigreans in Switzerland overwhelmed Meles’s "yes men!" Cadres confessed Audit Commission’s decisions are correct, and Meles Zenawi broke the Constitution of the TPLF!

Lausan, Switzerland (June 24): In a meeting held on 24 June 2001 Tigreans in Switzerland made remarkable history and showed their firm and unwavering stand against Mele’s Bonapartism.

The team of Bonapartist cadres consisted of Haftom Abreha (an Eritrean notorious cadre but assigned as Ethiopian Consul General in The Netherlands), Dr (?) Abdu Risku (confused and favoured cadre from Ethiopian Mission in Brussels) and Tsehaye Gebregidan, (Consul in Switzerland, civil servant). The organiser had misinformed the Meles’s "yes men" that everything is OK to manipulate the Tigrean-Ethiopians to the extent of watching deceptive and dramatic videos. But the victorious Tigreans rejected and instead sweet Tigrigna Music was played. The house was blatant to deny the cadres the podium while our National Heroes are kept behind the bars and frozen in house arrest as it would tantamount to our death. The cadres were ordered to leave the chairperson’s desk for elected chairpersons from the house otherwise they had to leave the hall and dishonoured as they were they sat at a corner to expose their true nature.

The meeting started in a non-violent and civilised manner that compelled the "yes men" to face the sudden embarrassment they did not expect. The cadres tried to preach shameful misrepresentation and slander with the little chances they got but the house wisely used their words as springboard to only challenge and condemn them. Unlike to the other cadres seen in similar foray, Habtom utterly admitted among others, that the decisions of the Audit Commission were correct as to their bestowed authority by the TPLF`s Congress. He further confessed that TPLF`s Organizational rules, Regional and Federal constitutions have been gravely broken by the Meles`s group and gave a bogus promise that they are liable and would be questioned in the ‘Congress’ just to escape from the inescapable. The cadres were observed betraying Meles's bible of "every move was according to the rules and constitutions.

The cadres were also resentfully criticized for being instrument of the "Palace Group" currently engaged in obliterating the hard-won ABOVE ALL THE CONSTITUTION of the land, peace, democracy; and purging of able leaders of our country in the name of bonopartism!

The cadres were condemned not to exploit in the name of TPLF (Wudeb), and our martyrs for their own deceptive agenda.

Finally it was unbearable for the disgraced and troubled cadres to wait longer and left the hall badly humiliated and darkened. The heroes continued their in-depth discussion for another 6 hours and finished their historical job for the day with strong condemnations and sounding resolutions.

The True Ethiopian children have proven their firm stands to keep upon the momentum and honour their country!

Dawn with Dictatorship!