Meles's coup d'etat - Quoreta by Bonapartism (Part II)

by X-TPLF member, Mulugeta Leul, in memory of May 28, 01

Quoreta is a system where you hit first the top chief commander in the field. By doing that the bottom have nothing to communicate & fight with, thereby, is easy to attack the rest soldiers in the field. I equated this Quoreta to Meles's manipulative way of becoming dominant in power by expelling the 12 dissident group called hard-liners (Part I). The people of Ethiopia in general, the people of Tigray in particular have lost their leaders and it is on going process by the insider Meles. The change is not about Adua, TPLF, Tigray, or Ethiopia, wake up it is about Eritrea and CIA. Huge responsibility lies on all of us for the little monster came to power with our own blood, thereby endangering our beloved Ethiopia. Civil disobedience is one way to stand on the way of Meles till we die.

Most of what I wrote in Part I became reality, even the pure guess, I guessed about the use of Assab by Ethiopia. Now I am writing this article reading all what have been written in a Reporter by the government of PM Meles (01/05/2001), by the Audit Commission (05/05/01), by the dissident group (03/05/01) and watching the Cadre video and read their resolutions. Most people know about the dissident group's position, therefore, I will start with the Audit commission's findings and conclusions.

The Audit Commission (AC) - I am so proud to witness, TPLF had such a strong Audit Commission which looks after the law and order of TPLF. Consider the AC, as the Supreme Court (Sebar) of Ethiopia which is the vanguard of the constitution of Ethiopia. AC verified, there was a back and forth meetings between Tewelde and Seyoum many times, as both groups grow to differ in their ideology. It was suggested by Tewelde to make a dialog between the two groups through delegations. At one point though, Seyoum told Tewelde that either two of your representatives or all of you must come to the meeting of the left over majority, if not the majority will continue the meeting without the dissident group. At that point Tewelde told Seyoum, their meeting will be illegal to continue with out them, because they don't fulfill the requirement of any meetings. There after, their relationship was disconnected. My question is this - Who is to blame here?

The most important point, the AC confirmed was the legality of the petition made by the dissident group to call a Congress (GubaAe), the illegality of Meles (the left over majority) to expel the 12 dissidents and the AC also warned the danger of the decision to TPLF as organization. The AC concluded the decision to expel the 12 dissident was illegal and undemocratic. The left over CC members don't have the power to expel even one member (forget about 12), for 2/3 (20 members out of 30) were not present at their meeting. This law stayed in effect since it got created and no amendments was done on it as far as the AC knows. This is the bottom line of all arguments in which the Meles article failed for purpose not to touch the topic, because Meles stood above the law. Mr. PM Meles, have you heard this: "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW." Finally, the AC forbid and made a plea to both groups, not to make any further meetings, till the Congressional meeting is going to be held as soon as possible.

The answer of Meles to the findings and to the plea of AC was to belittle the paper saying he received a piece of paper. Mr. PM Meles, hundreds of thousands of Tigrians perished in 26 years for that piece of paper, to secure the futurity of our country. The martyrs have concealed for what they died for in that paper. Where is your civility to your words in the name of martyrs then if you consider things as such? To remind the reader, the AC went to Mekelle to clarify to the Cadres about their meeting being illegal (Mr. Chaekol), but the insider Cadres and Meles rejected their plea again, and they continued the meeting without the blessing of the AC, the Supreme law and order keeper of TPLF.

Meles's Position on the crisis - A lot of mambo jumbo was written about the wind storm of revolution, about the new stage, quick development, revolutionary democracy, democratic centralism, how TPLF over come the problems created in the 70's with Gidey and Aregawie. Yes we know what happened in the 70's in the name of Marxist-Leninst League of Tigray which wouldn't be used at this time by PM Meles. He should have to flip-flop like a computer from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 0 to score his goal. What ever Gidey was singing at that time, has been sang at this moment by Meles. There is no new stage, it is the same old staff. Meles also wanted to take the credit of 10 years development seen in Ethiopia and anybody knows it is a team work. I never read anything about any of the dissident group claiming that they are the greatest leaders of all, without them any meetings will not be conducted (page 11 of Meles's report). That is a total exaggeration on behalf of Meles's report.

What makes me so sad about PM Meles is the choice of his words, such as yebeketa, yebasebesa, bututawie astesaseb, meltie, lebnat, zerafienat, sesietamenat, lemesenteak (TPLF & FPRDF) etc., etc., it was pretty ugly words to some one who leads the nation. His words is not only offensive to his comrades who have been fighting along with him, some of them even before him for 26 years, but it also is an insult to Ethiopians.

Page 9 states on the agreement by both groups, for the meeting to continue the next morning, but it omits, there was a back and forth meetings between Tewelde and Seyoum, as the Audit Commission confirmed it. This statement points out two things: there was no walk-out with which Meles used to incriminate the group in his first drama and there was a back and forth meetings between Tewelde and Seyoum as the dissident group said it, to solve the problem, as traditionally being used to solve such a problem when it arises in TPLF. In the middle of this, in the meetings of Tewelde and Seyoum, there was an order given by the left over CC members to come to the meeting or else kind of approach, unfortunately, the dissident group failed to understand of that order being the start of the coup d'etat by Meles - quoreta by bonapartizm. Meles indicated that TPLF as organization became so rotten, the ruling character changed, corruption and undemocratic rug opinion became slippery that his government was going down the hill in cyclical way which became a test to his government that he has to save the organization - TPLF. Therefore, his merely majority should wipe out the dust which was accumulated through the years, so that a quick development is to be achieved. To do that, the left over CC members started the 10 years of giemgema (evaluation) with out the dissident group, to enable the coming Congressional meeting (page 4). Other things just became history as they unfold, with Meles's illegality continued contrary to the decision made by the Audit Commission. What ever happened with Cadres in Mekelle, in Addis Abeba, with sister organizations, in the parliament, thereafter, was just a successful drama of Meles's coup d'etat against his own comrades by illegal means. Don't you think this is a premeditated coup d'etat? To save the organization Meles stood above the law. Meles chose to save the organization from the pure Tigrians who created it by breaking all the rules and regulations of TPLF (Cadre Video).

Democratic VS undemocratic, revolutionist VS anti-revolutionist, corrupted VS uncorrupted has been written in Meles's article repeatedly boring to exhaustion just as philosophical argument, nothing realistic to say the least. It was so repetitive, philosophical, antagonistic and not to the point of what I want to read head on to the issue. To give you an example, how many times does the article states about the rotten idea of the dissident group, in that they wanted to split TPLF and EPRDF into two (behulaet lemesentaek). The answer in my opinion: If the dissident group wanted to do what ever Meles is incriminating them now, they had an ample opportunity to do just that before the Ethio-Eritrean war, when the trust on Meles by the Ethiopian people, as Ethiopian leader was ZERO. To me they bowed to the rule of law of TPLF, thereby endangering the well being of Ethiopia. In this case, dissidents group are also accountable for their lousy actions endangering the well being of Ethiopia.

The left over CC members wanted to explain everything to the Cadres first, before they call a Congress. I think, Meles premeditated coup d'etat was well planned by the CIA during his two week visit to USA. It continued without no stop to it, meetings after meetings were held in Mekelle and Addis Abeba with Cadres and EPRDF. Meles lobby & intimidation for support paid off. He got it from the Cadres within Cadres, from EPRDF and from the murdered Kinfe. Talk about illegality and coup d'etat, he got it right, TPLF got divided into two & will never be the same again. Adios Amigos, before you know what hit you, a coup d'etat was completed successfully.

Kinfe - the mystery man is gone before anybody else. The death of Kinfe is as mysterious as General Hayelom or General Berhe. I don't think, his death is just another personal attack. First of all, he betrayed the dissident group. Kinfe & Mulugeta Chaeltu, walked out from the meeting saying this meeting is not going to go nowhere, in that if CC members want to punish them for the walk out, they were willing to accept. If there was justice to walking out, the first to be expelled should have been Kinfe and Mulugeta. My hypothesis on the mystery behind the death of the security chief is this: Kinfe went out from the meeting, knowing not to be part of the coup d'etat, as the chief security of the country, he knew what Meles was up to. Now that Meles has scored his goal, he doesn't need the security chief himself, for Kinfe is pure Ethiopian who is going to question about the integration of Ethio-Eritrean economy (M/General Samora should learn a lesson from Kinfe, General Taddesse, L/General Tsadkan & M/General Abebe). After all, rumors has it Kinfe met CIA and Shaebian Intelligence in USA before his death, their topic included Ethio-Eritrean economical integration and the use of Assab by Ethiopia. What ever said then in USA, could be what ever haunted him back home. Kinfe has a lot of power in his hands, he can overthrow Meles overnight. Don't you think, Meles has enough motives (knowing of Kinfe's loyalty to Ethio-Eritrean relationship) to get rid of Kinfe from the stage of the drama of Meles? Rumors has it, Meles already imported about 200 Shaebian military Intelligence to Ethiopia. Do you think Meles could do that if Kinfe is alive? Think about it. Yes, it was indicated, the killer was not associated with the dissident group. The killer himself is educated & has 3 children. He argued to get a job in Mesfin engineering etc. Kinfe is a chief security which has nothing to do with Mesfin engineering. That argument which precipitated a day earlier wouldn't be a very good case to kill Kinfe the next morning, throwing everything the killer accomplished through the years for that silly argument. Would it? It is another cover up, people, to kill Kinfe, which does not sell totally. It is the same cover up as associating our hero General Hayelom with prostitution and associating our hero General Berhe with his wife being jealous to kill her husband and herself. Who ever you are, where ever you came from, STOP the madness & the killings of our brothers and sisters. Enough is enough! Killing Dr. Martin Luther King in USA didn't solve anything to the on going revolution of blacks in USA, the march goes on.

Meles hates the Internet where the freedom of speech is going till now. He hated the dissident group for using this option exposing him openly to the public. In 21 Century, there is no where to hide. Internet is here to stay, time to get used to it. If you can't stand the heat Mr. PM Meles, stay out of the kitchen and stop cooking of whatever you are cooking with Isayas and CIA. It is not tasty at all.

Oh YES the Cadres - Did I miss something which I don't know about TPLF since 1975. The magnified role of Cadres at this moment is very confusing. Cadres role is to bring ideas from top to the bottom and ideas of people from bottom to top like a messenger or Telalakie. What is that then, it irritates me so much about the bully cadres, who are acting and deciding the same as Politburo and Central Committee, on pretext of a cover up of the so called our organization is in great danger, while the organization is almost equally divided into two (15 to 13). As Meles indicated in his divisive way of handling things, he said: "The Cadres are the last defense (dufaE) to save TPLF (first day), and he can't push Emba Areadom, in that TPLF will never vanish & he can't do it himself if he wants too(next day, Video)." Are the Cadres capable of analyzing the words of contradictions of Meles? I watched the Video twice - it was kids play in which I am ashamed of as a Tigrian. As a representative of AC, Mr. Chaekol said the meeting of Cadres was illegal and he asked to be stopped, and at that moment one of the insider cadre said: "it is impossible to stop it, in that the meeting must continue." No more discussion on this issue, Meles jumped to the next issue, ignoring the law and regulations of TPLF stated by Mr. Chaekol. Case closed. However might have been, it was the last scheme of Meles's coup d'etat. I concluded, the Meles & Sebhat Cadres within Cadres were so strong or the consciousness of Cadres is very low, in that they wanted to handle the situation within their narrow insider clicks and hidden Cadres with low-level-of-self-esteem. That was where the weak link was found and that was where Meles & Sebhat finished their coup d'etat -quoreta by bonapartism. Other things are just a follow up of events that evolved from democracy to dictatorial repression and chaos.

Developments of events since the coup d'etat

1) 41 university students in Addis, one college student in Mekelle and Kinfe the mighty security chief have been killed. 2) Almost 2000 students have been arrested. 3) Members of the Opposition party, about 140 of them, and humanitarian organizations including Professor Mesfin & Dr. Berhanu have been imprisoned. 4) So many Tigrians have been sucked from their positions. 5) General Taddesse resigned from his position in disobeying Meles's scheme. 6) Rumors has it, Meles met Isayas in Saudi-Arabia, and I personally believe it. 7) Religious leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea have been running around to fulfill the mission of Meles-CIA-Isayas in Kenya-Adigrat-Adi Keyih-Zalambessa-Senafe, before even the decomposing body of the dead heroes of our brothers and sisters have been buried with dignity. 8) Rumors has it that Shaebian military Intelligence is infiltrating into Ethiopia (around 200 of them) with the blessing of Meles, a very good warning for the Ethiopian Defense Forces & Ethiopian security Intelligence to wake up, smell the rotten coffee & act before it gets out of hand, for they are the most to suffer at last. 9) The speech of Isayas at the 10th anniversary of independence of Eritrea is also another warning, if what ever Meles and Isayas are cooking is not successful, Eritrea might begin war on the pretext of TSZ. 10) L/General Tsadkan & M/General Abebe have been sucked from their positions. M/General Samora - you are next, don't gloat, he is just using you the same as Kinfe till your time is up.

These all is happening in short time, before our own eyes, in the name of US interest in the horn of Africa, by being CIA agents (Meles & Isayas) and in the interest of Eritrea and Egypt. Think about last year feelings as Ethiopian and asses your feelings now. That is why, the war of 40 years in general within Ethiopia and Eritrea became senseless and useless, according to USA and European speeches. What kind of quick development is PM Meles going to bring us then, if it is not for the quick development of Eritrea taking them out from their misery (1/3 of Eritrean population is in starvation). If you are going to be bound to IMF, World Bank, British Intelligence and CIA, then you are bending down with the whole masses of Ethiopia to fulfill imperialist demands in their own taste. Ethiopia is condemned to live in POVERTY, HUNGER and STARVATION. Ethiopia has the right to use Abbay and Assab as it is our resources, which are the bottom line of our problem. Meles is the wrong mixed up in the head Ethio-Eritrean, in the wrong country to stand for the interest of Ethiopia, be it with Assab, territorial dispute or Abbay. Any thing else is just a bluff to fill up the empty pocket, by exposing the Ethiopian people to disease, hunger and starvation. When your time comes, you run with full pocket of money that have been developed in your portfolio, the same as Megistu, till then hide as much as you can in Swiss Bank the same as King Haile Sellassie, you never know when you need the money till you die without it. We came empty handed, we pass away empty handed. Shame on you - African leaders.

Finally, after the coup d'etat is accomplished successfully, after the wave of the wind calmed down, after the dust has been wiped out crystal clean in the taste of Meles, the Melesians are going to call the Congress (GubaAe). The preparation is under way. What is the use of a Congress from now on after the damage has been done irreversibly. It will be as irrelevant as the Cadre meetings in Mekelle or Addis Abeba. As Page 17 indicates, the meeting is going to be a show off, of the theatrical strength of Meles's coup d'etat in the name bonapartism, to make us believe what they did (Meles and the puppy Cadres) was right. Good luck. In my conclusion, I would like to emphasize to the left over CC members, to the Cadres, to TPLF/EPRDF led of Meles Government and mainly CIA, for their accountability of the whole mess created in TPLF, for that case is going to create more chaos (which is a time bomb) to our beloved country - Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia are just watching you as sleepy lions, watching you - Mr. PM Meles, where the hell you are heading from here on, for the Ethiopian masses consciousness is very high and any bad move will endanger your power which you are very eager to hold on to. Your time is almost finished.

Recommendation: At this time in point, it is appropriate to ask PM Meles to resign from his power, if he has any sense and love left for Ethiopia, but we know he is not going to. We ask the people of Ethiopia to take measures into their own hands. In my part of disobedience, I decide not to participate in any celebration of TPLF/EPRDF till the coup d'etat is reversed, which includes May 31 in Ottawa in which I have been invited to as a guest by the Ethiopian embassy in Ottawa to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shaebian EPRDF. Thanks but no thanks. It is the least I can do in my authority at this time in point. Show your disobedience to Meles's government, where ever you are. Be counted.