Another Meles Melt Down: OLF Rapprochement in the Works!

That Meles Zenawi and his "Palace Group" are in a desperate state is an understatement! They are actually frying in the inferno of their own sin. Disgraced, discredited and without a base support, these killer for hire are turning every stone to stay alive! Having gambled on a massive miscalculation, Meles and his cronies have become defenseless against the ever-increasing demand from their foreign masters!

It was first saving Shaibia from the EDF. This was followed by the coup against the Guardian-12. Capitalist economy next. And now another bitter pill!

The ETHIOPIAN COMMENTATOR has confirmed a story we have first learned about two months ago that Meles Zenawi is poised to cave in to the OLF! Highly placed sources in the Meles regime have told our magazine that Meles, under intense pressure from the U.S., Germany, and the UK, and in search of local support, is secretly negotiating with the OLF. And the price tag for an OLF coalition in the Meles regime?

According to our sources, the OLF has demanded for control over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and autonomy for Oromia and disbanding the OPDO! And this may explain the current row between the OPDO and Meles Zenawi.

Why would Meles negotiate with the OLF, which fought Ethiopia along with Shaibia? The sources say one reason for the surrender is the intense pressure from Meles Zenawi’s bosses to accommodate the OLF. Others speculate that the other reason for the potential rapprochement is Meles’s strategic ploy to neutralize an Amhara threat against him. According to this line of thought, Meles perceives a mortal threat to his rule from combined forces of Tigrayans and Amharas. And how does Meles plan to deal with the perceived threat? Checkmate the Tigrayan threat with the Shaibia next door, and the Amharas with the OLF backed by Shaibia!

Meanwhile the row between Seyoum Mesfin and Meles Zenawi peaked a week ago. That is when Seyoum Mesfin, known as the man with a facade of a statesman but as a "Bihuk" (dough) in substance, knuckled under Meles’s ultimatum of hanging him dead. The sources add this spineless gigolo was so unraveled by the threat that he volunteered to self-criticize on the spot! This may explain why Seyoum went on radio Weyane and tried so hard to assure Meles of his loyalty, and let loose an avalanche of filth against the Guardian-12! But little does he know that the people know who is telling the truth and who is lying. The people know who is selling out not only to Shaibia but also to the OLF, which aligned with Shaibia against Ethiopia! And the people know who is for them and who else has blindly jumped ship!

What a "vision!" What a "reform!" What a "renewal!" What a "revitalization!" What a "clarity in vision!" Indeed a "renewal" and "revitalization!" All that Menguistu did has been resurrected and the cruelities and savagery refined and revitalized to the hilt!

We get the "clarity in vision!" It is all clear. We can never expect anything positive from a soul packed with a fatalistic paradigm, with hypervigilancy, with negative emotions, with insecurity, with power hunger, and with a pathological drive to control and dominate others. In short, we can never expect freedom from a man who is not free!