A Note to our Readers,

The ETHIOPIAN COMMENTATOR received the article below from the Meles organization in North America. It is a piece unworthy to appear in our publication but we decided to post it to make a point. Although the piece indicates that it is authored by an individual named Gebremeskel Teklu, it is actually put together by the best of Melesís cadres in North America. We can not over emphasize the phrase the best of Melesís cadres in North America! And it is this type of residue of the human animal currently ruining our country! These people are trained in Addis Ababa and financed by Meles using the Ethiopian taxpayersí money. If you were to fly Ethiopian Airlines nowadays and ask the identity of the passengers, you will find that, at any given flight, at least twenty to thirty of the passengers are these Melesís cadres roaming throughout the world. And their mission? A futile attempt to save a dying lizard!

As our readers read the piece, we would like to urge them to think of the caliber of the leaders who sponsor the kind of thoughts expressed in the article. The thought and style in the ĎThe discarded lotí is that of Meles Zenawi and his "Palace Group!" This very technique was used by Meles et al to defame the good names of the Guardian-12 and that of the most distinguished military strategists of our country as well as human right activists and academicians! And Meles and company have the nerve! These Shaibia lovers have the nerve to talk about TPLF, and they have the nerve to talk about the existence of democracy in Ethiopia! Who are they kidding? They have the nerve to talk ill of Ethiopians who may or may not associate with Ethiopian organizations! So what if Ethiopians associate with EDU or EPRP? And how dare these treasonous thugs to attempt to claim the moral high ground? Are not Meles and company who have betrayed everything Tigrayan/Ethiopian and have sold their soul to foreign organizations such as Shaibia and worst? Who are these mindless thugs kidding? For this hominoid with petrified head, we say we will take an Ethiopian of any political persuasion anytime than align ourselves with Shaibia or serve as agents of foreign interests!

Meles is desperate and completely out of idea! And he knows the storm that is the Ethiopian people is coming after him. From every corner of the world, Ethiopians are coming together and ringing the rope tight. Nothing can loosen that grip which is designed to rip tyranny out of our country! Not even name calling and defaming people of honor! You see, Meles and your Klan, you might have fooled us once into giving you the benefit of being one of us but rest assured that we will be fooled no more! Gratitude be to your creeping hand of deceit, you have made it all plain when you decapitated our country, made those without a single coffee tree a ranking member of the coffee cartel, when you denied us the permanent victory our country was going after, when you subjugated us to concentration camps and left us there to rot, and to top it all, when you told us that you answer to remote controlled commands/instructions!

Do not deceive yourself Meles Zenawi! Dr. Tsehaye is not what you paint him to be. Nor are Hagos Seyoum and Tsegay Abay! And you know very well Hailemariam Abebe has never been, is not and will never be a Marxist, and has never been the "Dergís nanny in N.A" or an "invited...guest of honor at the launching of the Workers Party in Ethiopia!" Unlike you Meles Zenawi, Dr. Tsehaye, Hagos Seyoum, Tsegay Abay and Hailemariam Abebe are proud Tigrayans who would never betray or commit an act of treason against our beloved Ethiopia! Unlike you too, we are proud Tigrayans who will never betray or commit an act of treason against our Wudib and against the WILL of our martyrs! These are the values that we were raised by and you can bet your treasonous soul, we will live and die by them! Now for your trash:

The discarded lot

By: Gebremeskel Teklu

The schism or rather the dropping-out of some members of the Central Committee of the TPLF is omething that has been brewing for sometime. It was, however, kept under a tight lid until recent months, when the lid was off and division among the leadership came to the open, outsiders tried to capitalize on it, As far as these simpletons are concerned the TPLF had at long last come to the end of the road. Nothing could however have been farther from the truth. Yet, the stance of the many anti-people individuals and groups have taken is nothing but selfish. The TPLF proved to be deep-rooted ideal of the people. It proved that it was not dependent on a handful of people, rather on the commitment of the entire Tigrayan population. It is the truth people hold sacred. It is an ideal, which the people are ready and willing to protect. The leadership is replaceable, but the ideals live forever. Democracy in Ethiopia is there to stay irrespective of the disloyal and selfish leaders. It is greater than the individuals.

This is what the simpletons could not see. Inside Ethiopia some fly by night political parties and individuals such as Mesfin Woldemariam, who have a distorted self-image, tried to capitalize on the development within the TPLF. But, they failed and failed dismally. They failed despite the act of hooliganism they committed. People were able to see them for what they are. The very same act of hooliganism is being echoed here in North America. The man behind it all is Dr. Tsehaye Tefera. His followers are made of people who are failures, almost entirely made of former EDU, EPRP, Derg cadres and ex-TPLF fighters who dropped-out. All part of the frustrated lot, part of people who have failed in life, and what so ever mission they are involved in.

As to Dr. Tsehaye, he has never been other than a greedy and selfish personality. He is always surrounded by people who have failed in life. It is surprising he has no friends among the intellectuals. Tsehaye has amassed wealth at the expense of poor, confused Ethiopian immigrants. He has and continues to use their plight for personal gain. He has never done an honest job in his life. He has perfected the way of getting money from the government in the name of Ethiopian refugees.

In this article I would like to focus on a few individuals who are among the most vocal critics of the TPLF. I hope to do a more comprehensive work on who is who in the American, uproar soon. To begin with let us take. Tsegay Abay or nick-named Tsegay Hibey (monkey). This individual has a checkered history. The only job he had while in Ethiopia is as a guard for one NGO. He went to Jidda, where he was a known thief. He was arrested, imprisoned and deported. He was also selling forged passports while in Jidda. Tsegay defrauded many women of their money, often promising to get them a better job. He sold women into slavery many of whom have died in Saudi Arabia.

While in Ethiopia he had no job and lived by selling chat and other drugs for which he was arrested. Desperate for recognition he even went to the extend of forming "a political party", a one day affair. Tsegay, such a failed person as Hagos Seyoum have nothing to do but serve the interest of Tsehaye Tefera. Hagos Seyoum having failed in everything he tried has today become a messenger if not a slave of the caniring Dr. Tsehaye. All the distracters are rejected by the people of Tigray. The unholy alliance of former EDU, EPRP, Derg cadres and TPLF dropouts is not surprising, What is surprising is how they have been tolerated by the Ethiopian people. They were going in and out of the country at will. It is however high time that the Ethiopian government takes a closer look at these people. No country allows people who openly preach terrorism to move in and out at will. Ethiopia ought to have a list of such individuals and Embassies should refuse to grant them visa. This is not because they are critics but because they are openly preaching terrorism.

One other person we would like to say something about the loud-mouth Hailemariam Abebe. Hailemariam blows with the wind. Many of you might not know but he was the Dergís nanny in N.A. He had declared to be a Marxist. He was invited by the Derg and was a guest of honor at the launching of the Workers Party in Ethiopia, that is the founding of the party. He went to Ethiopia with Shefima Mokonen. When the Derg fell he immediately made an about turn and started to praise the TPLF/EPRDF. Now he is supporting the drop-out, because one of them is his relation. He has no principle. He is always raving like a lunatic and his work is devoid of topic and substance. One would pray for something better if Hailemariam is on his side. Yesterday the Derg, the EPRDF and now this. What next?

As to Dr. Tsehaye Tefera and the entire members of his family are selfish and thieves who have made fortune at the expense of the poor immigrants. Dr. Tsehaye, after his last visit to Ethiopia, has become active campaigner. We are told he had befriended Gebru Asrat and others in the rank of those dismissed. He had great hopes to use these people for his Ethiopian scheme. I guess he sees failure ahead, and that is why he is fuming and orchestrating discord among Ethiopians. It is high time that people take a closer look at this person. He carries nothing but vemon. This is a foretaste of what is coming. We promise a full treatment of who is who in the anti-people camping in North America soon.