A Call for Duty!


At this very day and hour, Meles has become a man completely without a power base. It has been a while since the Ethiopian people, with the exception of a minor segment of the Tigrean people, had rejected him. And now, even that minor segment of support he had among Tigreans has vanished. It is not an exaggeration to state that the Tigrean people have now disowned Meles and his "Palace Group!" The only tool of survival he has left is the police and other security services largely made up of people within the security services of the TPLF. And as the dust settles in and the rank and file of the TPLF is becoming more aware of the Meles malady, his tentacles of control are crumbling.

But he has not given up. Despised, isolated and disowned at home, he is now desparately trying to find audience in Tigreans in the Diaspora. He should have known better but that would be too much to ask of a person who willfully and consciously desecrated the Constitution of the TPLF so written with the sacred blood of tens of thousands of martyrs! He should have known better but that would be too much to ask of a person humiliating and dishonoring the very Tigrean people he claims as his family, on a global scale! Would it not be too much to ask of a person who has lost all senses and is auctioning Ethiopia's vital interests to its worst enemies consisting of black, white and the in-betweens?

Tigreans in the Diaspora have made it plain since day one of Meles's ultimate crime against the TPLF, the martyrs and the people of Tigray in general. They have made it crystal clear that Meles and his "Place Group" have robbed the Tigrean people of everything they scarified so much for and for so long. And to articulate and convey the magnitude of that robbery globally and all the way to Ato Meles's bedroom, Tigreans in the Diaspora have come together en mass and en force to create those organizational tools critical to bring Meles and his appendages before the court of the martyrs!

But we do know even criminals have rights. We may be appalled by what Meles and company has to say but we will respect their right to further humiliate our people. And if this time around Dr. Solomon Inquai is touring the U.S. justifying his role in murdering of our TPLF, urinating on the graves of our martyrs and humiliating our people to the core, he could be certain that we would listen to him. But that there will be a price.

The good old doctor must know in no uncertain terms that Tigreans hold him as one of the most key person who literally murdered our people. We hold him as one of the key people who contributed so much toward the demise of the TPLF. We hold him as the key person who has brought so much humiliation and despair to our people. And finally, we hold him too as the key person of a foreign origin currently immersed in the perpetuation of crimes of an extreme inhumanity against our people!

In this light we call upon our people in the Diaspora to welcome this man of disgrace but never to our homes. Let us give him a red carpet treatment but remind him the red on the carpet is the blood of our people he helped slaughter. Let us take him to weddings but explain to him that it is the funeral of those whose memories and hopes he helped extinguish. Let us play him music but remind him that it is the chorus of our people screaming of his horrors. Let us read him books but remind him that it is the constitution of the TPLF, The Constitution of the sate of Tigray, and the Constitution of Ethiopia, which he smothered to smithereens. And let us give him food but remind him that it is the donated wheat he is using in Tigray to buy up votes for "reconciliation" with Eritrea, and for "recalling" elected parliamentarians!

Such we must do because we are a people with the heartbeat of the people. We are a people with a full knowledge of the pain and loss of the people. We are a people with the knowledge of who did what to our people, our TPLF and to the memories of our martyrs. And finally, we are a people who believe in the ultimate honor for our heroes and heroines martyred on our behalf. And what a better way to honor them than to honor their words and rise-up to their call for duty, and advise this bag of filth to pack up!