EDF: Arrest Meles Zenawi!


It is clearly obvious that our country is set on a trajectory of self-cannibalism. No wonder Isayas Afeworki boasted of how easy it is to "create insecurity anywhere in Ethiopia!" No wonder too why, from the get go of the aggression against our country, Isayas insisted on meeting Meles one-to-one and face to face? Well, they met face to face and one-to-one and insecure our country has become. And at the heart of it all is this no longer "suspect" but convicted (in the of the court of the Ethiopian public opinion) criminal, Meles Zenawi!

Until less than two months ago, our country was a nation of law. And after a winning year 2000, our country was set on a path to eternal peace, and to the war against under development. But then came the earth quake; Meles Zenawi and Sibhat Nega backed by their family in the "Palace group" carried out a coup d'etat against those who stood for Ethiopia's interests. And ever since this coup d'etat, our country has not seen a day of peace! The arrogant Meles has, in the absence of the Guardian-12, proven incapable of governing our country! And just as Isayas said it, soon as the Guardian-12 was illegally removed, insecurity reigns everywhere in our country!

At this very junction, our country is a nation without the rule of law. Meles Zenawi and his "Place group" have trampled every law from the Constitution of the TPLF, the State of Tigrai to the Ethiopian Constitution. Elected party officials are being dismissed without the consent of the electorate. University students who voiced for their constitutional rights are being gunned down. Academicians and "Human Rights" advocates are being thrown into prisons, and now angry people are going after the highest officials of the land!

"You can not scare a man about to die," says the good old Existentialist view. Our people have reached a point where they no longer see hope for their country and for their lives. How could they? The law of the land is being trashed daily. A rubberstamp Parliament is agreeing to every whim of Meles Zenawi. Corrupt heads of our religious institutions are prostituting to bring about the return of Shaibia. And our country's national interests are being auction to foreign bidders! That is not all. TPLF Cadres have, just as is the case with their "Palace Group" masters, lost their mind. In an incredible turn of events, TPLF Cadres have abandoned the core values of the TPLF and opted for the family of the Meles-Sibhat duet working very hard to bring back Shaibia! And no wonder the gun has begun to go off at high places, and our people no longer afraid to die!

We can not and must not allow cannibalism to devour us all. We must foil the threat from within and set our country on a path to the rule of law, peace and prosperity. And there is only one way to bring about that needed change to our country and guarantee our nation's sovereignty. We must bring those who put our country in the trajectory of the current quagmire to justice. The criminals are obvious as are those who must bring them to the court of law. The criminals are Meles and his "Palace Group" and those who must apprehend them, the Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF). In this light, we ask the EDF to open up their eyes and heed the people's call. They must arrest Meles and company and place them at the mercy of our courts!


May 12, 2001