When A Mugger Sues His Elderly Victim For Defending Himself

Afera Gebru

The TPLF evolved from looking back at the decades of political unrest to form a political organization in which law, not brute force, is to be the arbiter of our public destiny. The rule of law is all that stands between us and the arbitrary exercise of the power of the state. Prime Minister Meles cannot be above the law. We cannot have one law for the ruler and another law for the ruled.

The rule of law is the basis for our survival. Without respect for the rule of law, our existence as a nation will be jeopardized. The recent political madness of the PM with his cohorts clearly illustrates that they do not believe in the rule of the land, nor the opinions†or concerns of†the citizens. Meles is accountable to the Ethiopian people. His disregard of the basic fundamental law is an obstacle to both democracy and stability. A politician that is committed to statist solutions is a menace to the rule of law and therefore to unity; something that Meles time and again has demonstrated.

In that respect there cannot be any doubt†about Meles' open contempt for the rule of law. His refusal to rectify his suicidal actions against the Ethiopian people and dissident groups is threatening the stability of our beloved country. Today dissident group supporters, particularly Tigrains, are subjected†to mass intimidation in Tembien and Mekele. Meles is violating the rights of Ethiopian citizens and betraying public trust with the help of his bullyboy cadres. Now, after repealing the constitutional laws of TPLF with the help of a few cadres and opportunist EPRDF, ranking officials†are imposing Meles ways without adherence to the rule of law. Furthermore, authoritarian dictators have difficulty in maintaining the independence of the judiciary cases that could affect their rule.

In the 30th regular meeting, the house endorsed article 51, which states a person who is arrested on suspicion of corruption shall not be released on bail. This is a direct erosion of liberty and a personal vendetta against the Siye family and dissidents who oppose Meles mob rule. Blatantly irrational behavior is rapidly being established, while the norm seems to be new rules and new anti-intellectual theories foisted in every direction. When it comes to separating truth from falsehood and right from wrong, cadres of TPLF never liked it. Telling us what to think has evolved into telling us what to say, so telling us what to do cannot be far behind. The rule of law acts as a check and balance. The unaccountable governing body headed by the PM has committed breaches of the rule of law without any degree of accountability; therefore it does not have the mandate to govern.

Today when this sickening act of intimidation was being carried out in our country, Meles has sent his trusted political cadres to solicit public opinion throughout the world. In New York, Toronto, Atlanta, and Boston they tried to justify to their political masters the mob's lawless behavior. The response was swift and embarrassing for the ranking Meles yes men. How far they have to go with such humiliation has yet to be seen. Every state is waiting to†see the obvious response to Meles' dictator personality and ghetto political philosophy of Bonapartism that is not relevant in todayís reality.

The greatest irony is the Prime Minister's†repeated stance on the dissidents' corruption allegation, where as, right from the start, the sebhats, who are known for their corrupt nepotism and womanizing behavior, were set free and made the issue of corruption as a pretext to flush out and muzzle dissidents from addressing issues that affect our interests.

For one, the wealthy palace groupís luxurious lifestyle virtually runs the country as a private fiefdom. They do not have the moral and legal legitimacy to accuse dissidents and low level ranking officials. Meles palace groups are the ones who are immersed in corruption and illegal business practices. This is a public secret. By continuing to deny the threat posed by the public and the dissidents, Meles may be securing its own unpleasant fate.

In todayís Ethiopian reality the dissidents are the challengers to Meles dictator personality and the public is the defender of the rule of law. Men like Meles who attempt to prosecute crimes without evidence are lynch mobs. So whatís the truth about corruption and Bonapartism?