On the Side of Justice!


There is a tragic drama being played in our country, Ethiopia. And there is too, an equally tragic drama being played in the Diaspora. And the star actor of these melodramas? Who else could it be other than the archenemy of the Ethiopian people and disciple of Mussolini, the national outlaw and outcast, and the national disgrace and global embarrassment, Meles Zeanwi! What this Mongoloid genetic freak is doing in our country and abroad is truly pathetic and surreal. Here is a man Lilliputian in content and character, a crook with unparalleled appetite for money, a Mafioso drenched with the blood of the innocent, an outlaw without regard for the rule of law, and a tyrant consumed by the suffocating fear of his victims, currently holding, in a desperate attempt to hang on to dear life, marathon meetings, congresses, conferences, and conventions, thereby condemning the country to the brink of collapse. All these frantic lunacies despite the writing on the wall that Ethiopia has no room for those who double cross it!

Perhaps the most hilarious and comical and yet tragic self-deception is what Meles, under the cover of the EPRDF, said the other day. This demented and foreign Trojan horse:

  1. "…called on all the Nations and Nationalities, Peasants, Workers, the Urban Population, the intelligentsia and the private sector of the country to resolutely join the EPRDF in the common endeavor to emancipate Ethiopia from poverty and backwardness
  2. admitted, that the threat of decadence posed against the system, has nonetheless contributed to the erosion of the efforts launched to satisfy the peoples aspirations for justice, peace and democracy and to the reigning of administrative injustices and undemocratic tendencies in rural Ethiopia
  3. …the renewal movement will, while satisfying the aspirations of the country's peasants, urban population, the intelligentsia and the private sector for development and democracy also help foster the flourishing and strengthening of independent organizational set-ups in the country
  4. . .. called on urbanites to rally behind the EPRDF in its effort to gradually do away with unemployment and other social problems
  5. entrusted the Country's intelligentsia with the duty to help guide the popular struggle to create a new order, along the correct path, through, direct and active involvement in the national endeavor
  6. . ..called on the country's private sector … to side the democratic order in the fight against any obstacle in the process and rid themselves from dealings with parasitic forces in government offices
  7. ... paid its highest regards and respect for the Defense Forces, for the heroic feats it has demonstrated in liberating the country from the invading EPLF regimes occupation forces and for the "new chapter its was able to unfold" in the country's history by discharging its constitutional duties at the time of the division within the EPRDF leadership. It said such a neutral role and responsible act played by the defense forces deserved particular praise…"

It is indeed comical! Meles Zenawi, the man who:

It is this thug without conscience, without morals, ethics, without culture and patriotism, this natural born liar, killer, savage, neurotic, psychotic, cruel, vengeful, a demagogue, coward, thief, corrupt, spy, and down right illiterate as he is filthy to the core, who is asking us to follow his "vision and renewal" nonsense! It is this man without a base and without a home who is calling upon us to "emancipate" Ethiopia! Imagine it! This is the man who has made our country a virtual prison, and who had our country plundered bone dry by his Shaibia handlers who is asking us to "to rally behind the EPRDF!" Remember too that this is the man who without the consent of the Ethiopian people, rendered Ethiopia landlocked, desecrated our flag and called us "unpatriotic!" This is the man who betrayed our Defense Forces, our people and who committed an act of treason against our country who is telling us of his "praise" to our armed forces. This is the man who, in violation of the Constitution, corrupted some members of the Defense Forces to interfere in party politics lying to us of "new chapter its was able to unfold in the country's history by discharging its constitutional duties at the time of the division within the EPRDF leadership. It said such a neutral role and responsible act played by the Defense Forces!" Here is a man who really belongs in a penitentiary, and one who needs urgent psychotherapy ordering Ethiopians to follow him. It is amazing! But then again what would one expect from an ardent and demented criminal condemned to a life of crime?

No doubt Meles Zenawi is living in a dream world. He has no knowledge of his never-ending crimes. Just like his predecessor, Menguistu Hailemariam, in his final days, he has become disoriented, incoherent and down right insane. It was "I never even killed a fly" and "I never was an oppressor (chekagne)" were Menguistu’s twilight hallucinations. And Meles has his own. In this time of his last rite, the IMPOSTER is saying the Guardian-12 has only "thirty followers," "Asseb is Eritrean," and it is not he but his "brothers" and his wife who are up to their neck with massive corruption!

Indeed, Meles has no knowledge of reality just as he is without control of his tongue. Just take a look at his never ending shared of Congresses. We are now being told of who are in his bandwagon. It is obvious that he is trying very hard to get facade of acceptability. Just look at the Central Committee and Executive members of what he claimed to be of the "TPLF." He has forced (against their will) many of the academicians including PhDs into the CC of the "TPLF!" And the Executive Committee Members are clearly the most ill qualified and ill-equipped "yes men" in the Ethiopian landscape! But worst, they are the ones who committed, along with Meles, voted for treason against our country and for the whole sale violation of the various constitutions in our country. And it is this Executive Committee members, these bunch without a hunch, which are going to emancipate Ethiopia! It is these criminals, these national parasites who are supposedly destined to rid our country of decadence and instill the rule of law and to usher prosperity in our country! It is these group of illiterate thugs, well known as kings of corruption, an organized family of crime, and a national disgrace too embarrassing to the eye as they are an insult to the dignity of our country and people who are "entrusting" the intelligentsia of our country with their "correct path!" Truly, the "Gods must be crazy!"

The make belief world of Meles has crossed oceans too. Virtually all-Ethiopian diplomatic missions are now Meles's crime headquarters. They have also become banks financing Meles's endeavors to cover his crimes. The offices are staffed by his "cadres" qualified to handle not our country's overseas interests but entrusted to extend Meles's tenure in office by days!

We have been tracking the activities of these "yes men/women" overseas, and what we have found is equally comical. These thugs on overseas duties are so illiterate that they have no clue of the laws, rules and regulations of the country in which they operate! Clearly, Meles has become not only a man without a base but also a man without serious followers. Having been totally rejected by our country and people, he is making dues with the worst in our society! And the worst are doing worst things!

Take for example of their "Tigrayan festival" scheduled for September 29, 2001 in Washington, D.C. Having been rejected by every ethnic group that make up our country, and more so by the people of Tigray, Meles has instructed his "yes men/women" to hold a "Tigrayan festival" in the Americas. An impossible task for his ill-equipped and equally rejected tentacles. But they are trying. What are they doing? Their daily routine is to call up people and to offer them "free travel complete with lodging" to any Tigrayan who could attend the "festival!" And there is more. Some influential members of the Tigrayan Community in the Americas have been offered "land in the Bole area" as well as "anywhere in Tigray!" Money and land to buy the conscience of a people who have been betrayed and subjected to the murderous crimes of Shaibia? Money and land to forget the memories of General Hayelom and the memories of those martyrs who died for liberty, justice, and democracy? Money and land to forget the betrayal of our country and the treason committed against it? Money and land in exchange for forgetting the plunder, dismantling, disfiguring, and the debasing of our country? Indeed, Meles's illness has gone worst; he has gone incurably insane!

Of course, Ato Meles can dream all he wants. He can deceive himself to his heart's content. He can be in denial all he wants. But the real world is defined. We can never forget. Victims never forget! People of conscience never forget, and they can never be bought off or swindled. There are things money can not buy, Ato Meles! The fate of a country and a people can never be in the market place; they can never be subject to negotiation or auction! The murdered can never go without justice. And make no mistake about it Ato Meles, you can never buy your way out of your crimes! The Ethiopian people want justice. They want to see you before the court of law for your heinous and long list of crimes. That is the reality and nothing can alter that fact! Countless Congresses, conferences, meetings, and rigging the parliament, the Courts, the Defense Forces, the TPLF/EPRDF, and even your teaming up with Shaibia or other forces, can never save you from facing justice!

The dragnet is out, Ato Meles! Our people and country is after you! In the home front, every Tegadalay, every citizen including those who guard, cook, drive and fly you are after the honor of bringing you to justice. And in the Diaspora, the children of Ethiopia have laid the legal dragnet to ensure that you never have a day under the sun to enjoy the money you have stashed overseas! And no matter how much you try to live in self-deception, deep down you know your fate. And that is why you never let anyone, even your closest puppets, walk to see you without undergoing a thorough check and search! When the time has come where Seyoum Mesfin, Samora Yenus and those others closest to you have to be searched before they see you, you know you are burning in a hell of an inferno! When the time has come you are wearing piles of bullet proof vests such that you look like an American football player, you know the souls of the martyrs are after you! Placed in such a predicament, you know that you are not in a position to "emancipate Ethiopia" or "entrust" anything to anyone! As far as we are concerned, you are nothing but a mindless thug with so much blood in your hand, wanted not only here on earth but in the after life!

The Honorable, President Bush has spoken eloquently about justice. In his determination to bring the terrorists who committed so much horror against humanity to justice, President Bush said, "in the contest between good and evil, God is on the side of good and justice." Just like the terrorists who unleashed so much horror in New York and Washington, D.C., you have committed national terror unequalled in the history of our country. You are an evil man with a life long evil deed! No matter what the cost, the Ethiopian people will have their day! We say this with the utmost confidence, for we know of the "victory of good over evil." But more importantly, for we know that "God is on the side of Good and Justice!"