"Tigray Festival:" Red Terror 2 in the Midst of National Mourning!


There are countless testimonies to the monstrosity of the "Red Terror" but none are more monumentally graphic and horrifically terrifying, and timelessly ever alive in expressing the magnitude and sheer horror of abomination, which ate Ethiopia bone dry than the picture of our young seconds before a firing squad extinguished their lives, the mother who hid the left over arm of her son under her arm so that she could give him a proper burial to whatever the hyenas left of her son murdered and left in the public square for the public to see, and the Red Terror etiquette of not only families required to condemn the innocent sibling murdered dead for crimes he/she never committed but also required to sing and dance, and to bask in "joy" over the righteousness of what he/she "deserved." Who could forget too having to pay for the bullet which was used to forever silence the lives of our loved ones? Who could forget what Beloved Ethiopia, the land first in relegating the taking of human life to the rim of God, endured over those years of Red Terror, where human life was devoured by people who have lost all humanity?

One would think that we have learned from the terrible saga of the Red Terror and we would resolve ourselves to never again allow such madness from ever returning and devouring us all over again. Inhumanity never again, let alone of the magnitude of the Red Terror but even anything on a much smaller scale, one would think, we would say, never! One would think that from the apocalypse that was the Red Terror, we would have learned and become whole and humane cosmological in dimension and depth once again. The sad and lacerating fact is however, we are back to square one, and the Red Terror has once again become supreme in our land, and with it the renowned culture of man’s worst instinct has become our form of self expression. We are once again being required to sing and dance not at weddings and other festive occasions but at our funerals and at times of great national mourning!

It is impossible to believe but it is true, once again, thanks to those disciples of Mussolini and their mindless thugs at the helm of power in our beloved country, our people are being compelled to sing and dance at the funerals of their beloved families, friends, acquaintances, at the auction of their sacred soil, and the tombs of their national heroes martyred for the Motherland! Once again, slogan has won and slogan has become the "truth" by which "justice" is done! Once again, those headless thugs capable only of repeating slogans have woven their way to the citadels of our institutions! Red Terror 1 has given birth to Red Terror 2! And the Red Terror 2 has a new hat. It is no longer a domestic purgatory; this culture of the sadists is being exported to those victims of Red Terror condemned to life far away from- in the Diaspora too.

Perhaps non-Tigrayan Ethiopians do not know. But those of us from Tigray in the Diaspora and in Ethiopia know that Red Terror 2 dressed in "Tigray Festival" has made it across oceans! We know that Red Terror 2 is not on Broadway but it sure is being planned for Washington, D.C. This play of horror is called "Tigray Festival" and the date and location on August 10, 2002 at the 1600 Ramada Inn "NY Avenue," respectively. And let us not forget the time for the "Festival;" it is 7:00 PM Eastern time.

What? You may ask. Non-Tigrayan Ethiopians may be wondering why is Tigray having a "festival" at a time when our country is in such a cataclysmic and apocalyptic inferno, and at a time when the very essence of what it means to be an Ethiopian is being surrendered to the evil dreams of Mussolini and his forefathers?

But rest assured fellow Ethiopian! First of all, every Ethiopian who loves Mother Ethiopia, must know that at this juncture in time no Tigrayan reared in the proud history of Mother Ethiopia is in any festive mood in whatever form or shape, let alone to throw a gala of "Tigray Festival." What is really taking place is a "celebration" of those half casts (both genetically and psychologically) dressed themselves with a Tigrayan label just as that genetic freak master of theirs in Addis is using the Tigrayan label to legitimize the illegitimate which includes his very being and his monumental crimes! Moreover, our Ethiopian compatriots must know that it has been more than a year since Tigray completely purged itself of the filth that is Meles and those other grotesque stooges of his making a mockery of Mother Ethiopia!

But one thing is defined. No matter how much these scum of the earth, and no matter how much their accomplices in the biggest crime against our country in the history of Ethiopia masquerade as Tigrayans, they can never be one! Unlike these fallen degenerates, the true sons and daughters of Tigray that are the bearers of the historical bulwark of "my Ethiopia at any cost," are, along with the heroes and heroines of the rest of Ethiopia, planning for their kind of a show; a true "festival," Ethiopia-wide in dimension and three thousand years in depth but at this cross roads in time, the true sons and daughters of Tigray would consider having a festival tantamount to a festival over a funeral! And let those robots with labels of Tigray know that the real festival of Ethiopia-wide to come will be not to celebrate the "triumph" of Mussolini’s evil dream over our country and people but the celebration for the triumph of something of Biblical sacredness, an affirmation in the Ethiopian spirit of freedom and independence, and the destruction of the Meles-Shaibia machine of evil so planted a hundred years earlier!

Ethiopians both at home and in the Diaspora must also know that any voice of a "Tigrayan" from the Meles camp is a fraud devoid of any legitimacy; it is unthinkable for Meles and his accomplices to, in any form or shape, be from the core of the Ethiopian state. At this juncture, be it in Tigray proper or in the rest of Ethiopia or in the Diaspora, no Tigrayan born to a legitimate Tigrayan family (an Ethiopian to core, soul and flesh) is, in any form or shape, remotely linked to anything that has to do with that crowd of an African disgrace that is Meles Zenawi, Seyoum Mesfin or the other murderers of Ethiopia and in the pay roll of Shaibia and others! Ethiopians must know too that Meles and company are from that same pot of evil that gave birth to the Shaibias of colonially created and baptized terrible real estate called Eritrea! And within Eritrea, these twin evils of decay belong to that class, which brought about the people of Mereb Milash/Bahri Mdri the catastrophic devastation that, was the Italian fascism, which virtually has subverted and destroyed the psychological blueprint or make up of a major portion of the population!

Ethiopians everywhere must know too that Tigray is mourning at the great harm done to Mother Ethiopia. Despite Melese’s attempt to hide the state of mind of the people of Tigray, the truth is that Tigray has completely rejected Meles be it when he ordered the people of Tigray to commemorate April 11 or the fall of the Derg. And Tigray never went for the kebero and embilta but for Her sword following the crime at The Hague! And Tigray had no ears for the kehadian when they ordered the people of Mekele to boycott the meeting with EDP! Tigray has spoken ladies and gentlemen; She is seizing with rage and not in the mood for festival but in a state of mourning as is the rest of Ethiopia! She has spoken that She is for a different kind of a festival; She is for a festival of glory that is the funeral of those who have brought her and Mother Ethiopia so much shame and grief!

Now that we have an idea as to who is having a "festival" at this time of our greatest darkness, we need to learn as to why a "Tigrayan Festival" is being concocted by Ethiopia’s greatest enemies that is the hamfetsat or kilisotch. The protagonists of this "Festival" hall of shame are either half cast mulattos, a few "Tigrayans who are either an environmental accidents and hence without the mental capacity to make responsible judgments or are a few who have sold their soul to their stomach, and Shaibia followers straight from Asmara and the Americas! And this Festival is being coordinated, financed and publicized by Ethiopia’s natural enemy that is the Meles-Isayas camp! And the colorful dignitaries who would open the "Tigray Festival?"

It is not yet clear as to who would be the most senior of the Meles Mafia who would be coming to "bless" the opening of the "Tigray Festival" at this time of the writing of this editorial but we have learned one of those most likely to attend is Haleka Tsegay Berhe, a kilis recently exposed as Meles’s main hatchet who betrayed Ethiopia during the Motherland’s campaign to obliterate Shaibia, and hand picked by Meles to replace Gebru Asrat as President of Tigray. According to people who know him, Tsegay is the most illiterate "kettle" known to earn his livelihood not by his ability to conceive but like a robot, by his sole ability to carry out simple instructions to execute. It was not for anything else Meles picked him for the Politburo but for his condemned role of execution without question.

There is an issue Ethiopians must know further about Haleka Tsegay. He is married to Sibhat Nega’s sister Kidusan Nega who is no question the modern day equivalent of Yodit Guedit, and he is one of those people in Meles’s inner circle who participated along with Seyoum Mesfin, Bereket Semon, Samora Yenus and Addisu Legesse in the design (intentionally), creation and execution of the murder of our University students. He is a man with blood in his hands and it should be the duty of every Ethiopian to bring him to the court of law should he or any other members of the Meles Mafia set foot in the land of Lady Liberty!

There are others that Meles is sending too. Huge thugs of cadres of whom some are dressed as musicians, some as students and others Embassy employees. We believe it is the role of every Ethiopian in the Americas to track these cadres of death and destruction and report them to the American or Canadian authorities as well as file charges of genocide against them. We call on Ethiopians in North America to mark on their calendar August 10, 2002 and to note 1600 Ramada Inn NY Avenue at 7 PM. We urge each and every one of our people to speak on behalf of those patriots of ours who fell smothering Shaibia, and those students who perished standing tall for their right to freedom of speech and the honor of their country! We must go en masse to 1600 Ramada Inn NY Avenue on August 10, 2002 at 7:00 PM and voice our outrage at the fraudulent "Tigray Festival" not only is it a mockery of the state of mind of the people of Tigray but also is designed to convey to our fellow Ethiopians the fraudulent message of Tigrayans in a state of "Festival" at a time tantamount to a great national funeral and great national mourning in the rest of Mother Ethiopia!

We urge all Ethiopians of all political and religious persuasions to come together and stand up against the evil mission of Meles and his backers. We urge Ethiopians to secure permit from the D.C. government to hold a legal protest and to educate the American people that America is not for "Festivals" of evil, and that America is not a land for those stooges of Meles whose hands are soaked in the innocent blood of our University students and those others who were murdered in cold blood in Awassa, Tipe, Oromia, Afar and Raya! It should be crystal clear to every Ethiopian that if Mother Ethiopia could rise up and reject (at great peril) Meles’s call to celebrate the phantom victory at The Hague, it would be stunningly sad to our people back home if we allow the Meles scourge to have a day under the sun in the land of Liberty! The latter we must do, for we owe it to not only the victims of the Red Terror 1, to the University students, to those compatriots of ours who were gun down in Awassa, Tipe, Oromia and Raya but also to our heroes and heroines who made us proud smothering into smithereens the mouth that roared that is Shaibai, and we owe it too to the land of ours which has been desecrated at the hands of The Hague! We owe it to our history and everything that our beloved Ethiopia stands for to see to it that the so called "Tigray Festival" planned for celebration in D.C. on August 10 at 7 PM is nothing but Red Terror 2 but this time in the heart of America!