FM Seyoum Mesfin: The Filth behind the Façade!


May 07, 2003

There can be no question that next to Sadam Hussein’s Foreign Minister, Tarik Aziz of Iraq, Meles Zenawi’s Foreign Minister, Seyoum Mesfin is the most unfortunate, disgraceful and a grotesque criminal alive today. Phenotypically, he is handsome, well dressed and with an aura of regal anchored on a semblance of solidity. But unmask the façade, or better said, simply watch him disembowel himself, and one is left with a man totally empty, a shell, phony, born liar, and an opportunist extraordinaire rigged to the core with credentials of filth and evil! Such that he is and he has been for the past twenty-nine years, we have come to learn thanks to the split in the TPLF leadership, which in effect resolved the filthy rotten from the naïvely pure. The split having lifted the curtain, with the façade gone forever, we have come to learn that indeed looks can be deceiving! It is now crystal clear that the thugs currently humiliating not only themselves but also our country have been all along not only a fraud but also hired killers. The Hague treason is just the icing on the cake!

Never mind of the mother of all lies of April 13, 2002. Seyoum Mesfin has lived not by honesty, honor and valor but by lies, deceit, treason and surrender. He did not earn the title of Eba (cattle dung) or Bihuk/lit (dough) from his peers in the TPLF for nothing! Until the split, we, Ethiopians have not had anything beyond the façade. We did not know about the dung and dough that make up the content of Seyoum. But truth may be slow incoming, it sure has its way of coming out. That it can never be suppressed and hidden, we need no further proof. Simply look at Seyoum and the rest of the gang in the "Palace Group." Look at them! Look at them burn in the hell of their sin! Look the payback of treason, deceit and murder! Look at the justice of truth in the works! Look at the murderers, rapists, liars, cheats and treasonous "empty kettles" disintegrate into ghosts, so light and grotesque they are offensive to the eye as they are repulsive to the mind!

Indeed, truth is dispassionately just, and merciless against those who live by lies and deceit, and treason and murder! Thanks to the split in the TPLF and April 13, 2003, we have witnessed truth in action; we have witnessed truth speak: we have witnessed a man self-decompose, burn into ashes in his own sin! On that fateful day of April 13, Seyoum Mesfin, looked into the eye of the Ethiopian people, he looked into the eyes of those fathers and mothers of our martyrs who fell defending the territorial integrity and honor of our country, looked into the eyes of our religious leaders, looked into the eyes of our learned men and women, looked into the eyes of our armed forces, and looked into the eyes of our students and lied the mother of all lies! That, he is a born liar unfit in any shape or form to let alone the office of the Foreign Ministry but to any office in Ethiopia, is abundantly clear. That, this good looking and handsomely dressed gigolo is a liar to the core, condemned to survive by peddling lies to his boss (another quintessentially, incurable liar) has become as obvious as coffee is to Ethiopians!

For the sake of history, posterity and so that it never fades away from the forefront of our thoughts and priorities, Seyoum Mesfin has lied to the Ethiopian people of having smothered Shaibia (his indirect boss) in the Courts of The Hague knowing full well that he had in fact betrayed Ethiopia, and knowing full well that he has done everything including hiring the most ill-informed foreign lawyers as though Ethiopia did not have the legal experts and scholars who could make her proud, and knowing full well that he has sentenced Mother Ethiopia to the Guillotine by withholding the oceans of evidence at Ethiopia’s disposal not only to prevail over the colonial treaties but also over the entire Eritrea! In deed, he lied the mother of all lies and he went further!

Who could forget his call for national carnival? We can never forget his call to Ethiopians to come out with drums, embilta, masinko, tsenatsil and krar to celebrate the victory at The Hague, knowing full well that he along with Meles Zenawi, Sibhat Nega, Birhane Ghebrechristos, Addisu Legesse and Samora Yenus have secured the demise of Ethiopia’s case at the hour when they chose to betray our armed forces and stopped them from marching unopposed into Asmara thereby ensuring the survival of Shaibia to slaughter Mother Ethiopia not at the battle field but at the table of their conspiracy! In deed he has lied and he did so not only to the living Ethiopians but to those martyred for the cause of national honor and the integrity of Ethiopia’s territorial integrity, and martyred too for democracy and justice knowing full well that the "Palace Group" of which he is the honorary liar extraordinaire had betrayed Ethiopia since he published the manifesto for the independence of Tigray in Sudan some twenty nine years ago! It is not with out good reason that the Ethiopian people have equated the Meles gang with Channel 2 Africa; they are indeed the most immoral, unethical, and savagely corrupt, as they are filthy to the core, and repugnant to sensibility of adults as they are toxic to the minds of the young!

But what every Ethiopian must know about Seyoum and his company of disgrace is not only about the lies, treason and murder! They are not only corrupt vagabonds with insatiable appetite for crime and the spoils of theft; they are sadist killers devoid of any respect and compassion for people, lawless outlaws without any notion of what justice and the rule of law mean, and mercenaries without an umbilical chord to God and country, ready, and willing to sell not only the country of their birth but these are mindless thugs who would never hesitate to sell their mother to quench their savage passion for money, power and physical and psychological gratification! Fellow Ethiopians, Seyoum et al, people they are not! They are not like the rest of us! These are the residue of the earth, so wretched and wicked, born they were not from the womb of Mother Ethiopia! They are devils endowed with the worst attributes possible. Such that they are we know now thanks to the split in the TPLF, which set off the floodgate, thanks to these vagabonds themselves, thanks to Shaebia, and thanks too to the Judges of The Hague for releasing the transcripts of the Court! Indeed truth has a way of coming out!

Do not think for a minute lying is Seyoum’s specialty. FM Seyoum Mesfin is not only distinguished by being a prominent liar. He is not only distinguished as the man who along with Meles and Birhane Ghebrechristos sold Ethiopia’s vital interests at the London talks. He is not only known for his diabolical role during the war against the disciples of Mussolini. And he along with Sibhat Nega, and Meles Zenawi, is not only well known for the murder and destruction of so many lives through out his career in the death camps and morgues of TPLF. What Seyoum Mesfin is most famous is what he did to the mother of his son, and to his four-year son! Bigger than his lying is the devil behind the smile and the three-piece suit, which he adorns to garner some façade of substance and respectability. Truth is always triumphant so says the old wisdom. With the curtain which had hidden the true make up of the TPLF leadership no longer closed, the rancid and putrid nature of the "Palace Group" of which Seyoum Mesfin is king of lies, deceit, treason and murder has become obvious.

The disregard for constitution and laws by Seyoum and company is not new. The trampling of the Constitution of the TPLF in 2001 was not their first. The trampling over the Ethiopian Constitution is not their first! Seyoum and company have been, from the very onset of the armed struggle, lawless governed by the law of the mafia (for a lack of a better word). They are even worst than the mafia; at least members of the mafia have respect for their spouse and solid rock patriotism to their country! Seyoum and company are unlike anyone; they live for nothing worthwhile but for their belly, sexual urges and a warm bathroom to empty their contents! We may hear them repeat terms and phrases of peaceful co-existence, international law, constitution, and self-determination but the cold reality is that these thugs are the scum of the earth incapable of understanding what these sublime terms and phrases mean and what they represent let alone for these mindless misfits to practice them! Let alone for these soulless hominoids to practice what is right and legal country wide, they have proved helpless practicing them within their family!

Seyoum Mesfin is on his third wife and counting. That is, excluding those in the brothels of Alexandria, Virginia, London and now Brussels courtesy of his other pervert extraordinaire and former ambassador to Washington, Birhane Ghebrechristos. No need to say much of the latter; Ethiopians in Washington, D.C. have already told it. Suffice it say that Birhane had even turned the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, D.C. into a playground for his insatiable appetite and pathological urge of sexual addiction! Like father like son, Birhane has changed wives too of whom the last one was reportedly brutally assaulted requiring major hospitalization before she had to flee for her life! The same is true of Meles Zenawi, Sibhat Nega, Samora Yenus, Tewodros Hagos and Arkebe Oukbay. The latter two along with Tekleweyni Assefa have even gone further and reportedly gang-raped Irish and Australian aid workers! Ethiopians must not be surprised when the "Palace Group" betrays everything that is Ethiopian. They cannot help it. They are innately condemned to live by crime and shame!

Finally, there can be no question that the split in the TPLF leadership has become an informational bonanza to Ethiopians. This is specially so for Tigrayans who from the very inception of the TPLF suspected of devils within the TPLF but have not had the smoking gun to prove it. To the credit of Meles Zenawi, he has provided that smoking gun when he opened up that Pandora’s box starring no other than himself supported with the cast of those in his "Palace Group." Thanks to Bonapartism and Tihadso, Ethiopians and especially so Tigrayans have come to learn in detail of the who is who, and the who did what of those in the leadership of the TPLF. And among the many discoveries and lessons unearthed includes the twenty-eight years long chains of capital crime committed by the "Palace group." It would be beyond the scope of this editorial to spell out the magnitude and depth of the crime committed by Seyoum and company but there is one, which every Ethiopians must know, and one, which vividly tells the content of Seyoum Mesfin.

As mentioned above, it is not their first for Seyoum and company to put out a constitution and to be the first to trample it. In the early years of the TPLF, Seyoum Mesfin authored a TPLF constitution and had it endorsed by Meles Zenawi, Sibhat Nega, and Abay Tsehaye. Among many things, this constitution made it a capital crime punishable by a firing squad for any fighter of the TPLF to engage in sexual encounter with his/her lover! In effect, the TPLF Constitution that Seyoum wrote and drove to implementation, outlawed love itself! And because of this law that Seyoum developed, many fighters of the TPLF lost their lives for engaging in what is the natural consummation of consenting adults in love for one another! Then Seyoum Mesfin long known not for bravery in the battlefield but for his animalistic passion for physical indulgence and as the architect of the Constitution, which outlawed sex, committed one of the most heinous, and cruel crimes not only to the mother of his son he assaulted into pregnancy but also to his four year old, to his blood and flesh son!

Her name was Gebri-ala. She was from Adwa but at the time of her fate of doom, she was a dedicated volunteer working around the clock at the office of the TPLF in Khartoum. It was also from this very office in which Gebri-ela worked that Seyoum Mesfin conducted the foreign relations function of the TPLF. So far no issue but then comes the horror. Hormone wired Seyoum, could not control his urge. Let alone the ideological jumbo-mumbo of the TPLF on women’s right could restraint him from committing the most heinous crime, even the thought of a firing squad from the TPLF failed to stop him! And so he went ahead and unleashed his savage inhumanity on this young woman. In violation of the most draconian law against sex that Seyoum wrote and implemented within the TPLF, he not only had sexual encounter with Gebri-ala but he committed sexual assault on her! Thanks to the split in the TPLF leadership, we have come to know that unable to control his urges and despite the death by a firing squad a sexual encounter would entail according TPLF rule that he wrote, the man who claimed to "struggle" for the right and dignity of people forced himself upon Gebri-ela and made her pregnant! But it was not the violation of the constitution he authored and the savage assault on a young Gebri-ela that is the worst part of the crime. The most evil and devilish part of his crime was what he did to Gebri-ela in trying to hide his crime against her, and against the constitution of the TPLF.

Worried that the TPLF would find out about his crime, he threw out Gebri-ela from the TPLF office knowing full well that she was penniless, had no where to go and knowing full well that she was about to give birth to his child! But homelessness, pennilessness and hunger were not the only scourge Gebri-ela had to endure. She had to endure Seyoum’s hounding and constant intimidation through his thugs so that she never is seen around Tigrayans and other Ethiopians. Homeless, hungry and isolated from her Ethiopian brothers and sisters, she gave birth alone and without the maternal support and care she needed and deserved! After the birth of her child, still hungry and with a baby, she struggled to survive until her son was about four, and then could no longer cop with the miseries of life courtesy of Seyoum Mesfin; she died leaving the four year old child behind and with no one to look after and care for him! And the tragedy does not end here.

The child now without a mother, and a father he did not know that he had, was left to the streets of Khartoum. Those who have a first hand knowledge of this tragedy recall when the child roamed from one home to another looking for his mother! They recall when the child would cry all the time pleading with strangers to take him to his mother, and pleading too for food and water! What is even more tragic of all is that Seyoum knew all along of his homeless son shedding tears of terror, grief, loss and hopelessness in the rough streets of Khartoum! Seyoum knew of his hungry son not only for the mother that he had lost but also for the nourishment, love and protection that the child did not have! Not only Seyoum knew the state of his son in the streets of Khartoum but he could see it with his own two eyes! But as a man without conscience, he chose his life over that of his young child! Instead of facing the will of that constitution he wrote against sex and coming through for his son, he chose to sacrifice his son!

But truth has its way of coming out. And the notion of the Guardian Angel must be true. Despite Seyoum’s attempt to hide the truth of what he had done, word quickly got out to the Tigrayan community in Khartoum that the homeless child who endlessly cried for his mother was Seyoum’s son! Horrified by the news and by the monstrosity of Seyoum Mesfin, and afraid as to what Seyoum may do to the members of the community who may consider taking the child to their home, people looked for alternatives to save the child. Thank goodness, this good earth of God has people of conscience too! It is comforting to know that the world is not inhabited by those heartless devils of the Seyoum variety. Without going into the background of the child, and by pretending not to have knowledge of the Seyoum connection to the child by simply saying the child belonged to a woman from Tigray, the members of the Tigrayan community pleaded with personnel in the office of the TPLF to take in the child and place him in sifra segenat (an orphanage run by the TPLF). Thanks to these people of conscience in the Tigrayan community and the other TPLF fighters in the office of the TPLF, Seyoum’s son was saved. Thanks to these compassionate people, Seyoum’s son was rescued and allowed to grow the grown-up man he has become now!

There is an Ethiopian wisdom, it may even be biblical, and that says that the human blood is sacred endowed with Godly powers. And according to this wisdom we learn that those who spill it are condemned to an inescapable fate of justice equal in magnitude to that which they committed. Meles, Sibhat Nega and Seyoum Mesfin have spilled an ocean of blood! Not of tens of thousands but of hundreds of thousands if not of millions of Ethiopians. And Gebri-ala is one of those millions! There is no question that Seyoum’s son who is now a grown up man in Addis Ababa will, sooner or later, ask questions of his mother. And if he does not hear it from his delinquent father, those who rescued him from the streets of Khartoum will certainly tell him. But until then let us simply watch the sacred blood wrongly and unjustly spilled speak with its Godly powers. Let us simply watch Seyoum melt like a candle! Let us simply watch the good old proverb become alive right in front of our eye that he who lived by the sword dies by the sword! The mother of all lies of April 13, 2002 is just the beginning. It is the tip of the iceberg. The Godly power of the human blood spilled has thus far brought the curtain down. And look how much we have come to learn. And more is on the way; Ethiopia will see more of God’s justice, for we know now when it comes to Seyoum and company, there is more sin and filth behind the façade!