Massacres in Ethiopia!


Hundreds of unarmed and peaceful demonstrators were massacred and in the thousands wounded by a direct order from the Shaebian agent in Addis Ababa, Meles Zenawi. According to sources in Addis Ababa monitoring the atrocities being committed in Awassa, it is not the "15 Killed 25 Wounded In Demonstrations In Awassa" as the Meles regime would have us believe but a much larger in scope massacre of innocent and peaceful Ethiopians exercising their God given inalienable rights.

At the core of the issues are the absence of democracy in the country, the politically motivated imprisonment of Ato Abate Kisho and the so called "Charter City" ploy of the Meles regime to plunder and impose its Albanian inspired totalitarian rule over the people of southern Ethiopia. Elsewhere in Ethiopia, the residents of Waja in southern Raya, Tigray, fought off the agent's thugs and news of the Raya rebellion has set the entire Tigray on war footage. As was the case in Awassa, Meles's commandos have killed many and abducted hundreds of civilians.

We urge Ethiopians everywhere to expose the heinous crime being committed by the Shaebian agent in our nation's capital. This call is specially duty bound to Ethiopians in the Diaspora to carry out their duty in informing the world about the daily routine of massacres taking place in Ethiopia. We call upon Ethiopians with legal expertise to document the atrocities being committed by the Meles regime and present them in a court of law. We further urge all Ethiopians of all denominations to do their part in support of the victims who are our compatriots. We must all write to Human Right organizations, your Congressperson or Senators as well as the news media in your area. Finally, we urge Ethiopians in the Diaspora to participate and support the various democratic entities mushrooming everywhere. This we urge, for we know, the antidote of tyranny is democracy, and we know too that democracy is what would outlaw massacres in Ethiopia!