The Crime of All Time!


No doubt about it! Mussolini is smiling from his grave! And Alula shocked numb! Meles Zenawi, Sibhat Nega, Seyoum Mesfin, Addisu Legesse, Bereket Semon, and General Somora Yenus have engineered the ultimate crime upon the Ethiopian people, and upon Ethiopia! These robots of filth have carried out colonial Italy's dream of triumph not only over Ethiopia but also over the Africans in general. The black man's symbol of freedom and the shinning success over the evil designs of colonial Europe has been turned upside down not by the children of Italy but by their black disciples! These maggots without conscience have made a mockery of everything Ethiopia stood and fought for for over a century! They have dishonored and desecrated the memory and history of Ethiopia's towering heroes and heroines martyred in defense of our country and everything that She cherishes! But their deeds will have no life!

We will let these degenerate freaks have a day under the sun. But that will be for a flash of time. They may think they have done it done forever. But we know where the chips will fall. There can be no doubt that Ethiopia will prevail and will do so in a spectacular demonstration of the power of good! If these cesspools of the human vagabonds think their "referendum" or "arbitration" will breathe life, they might as well believe that Africans would vote for Mussolini's will! We, Ethiopians, never bowed to the crime of the latter, and it would be unthinkable for Ethiopia to bow to the crime of all time of his proteges!