Eyes on the Prize!

There is no question that we, Ethiopians, both from the home front and the Diaspora, are mightily rising and mightily coming together to defend our country. And this convergence is like never before! In a heart-warming flow of events and in a short span of time, the stupid wall of division is tumbling down, and with it, Meles’s evil of ethnic Bantustanism!

What makes the current resurgence in convergence even sweeter is that we, Ethiopians are selflessly setting our petty selfish interests aside and have become single-minded on the fundamental issues which bond us inseparable. It is obvious that, like never before, Ethiopians are keyed on the well being of our country’s sovereignty, the absence of democracy and the illegitimacy of the Meles-Sibhat clique. Indeed, we have risen and come together and have put the first things first and set aside those nuts and bolts which we can resolve in the Greater Ethiopia secured in the rule of a democratic law we have resolved ourselves to make a reality!

The recent TISJD (Tigrayan International Solidarity for Justice and Democracy) and UECO (United Ethiopian Civic Organizations) led conferences of Ethiopians are inspiring and commendable! Working together for our Higher Callings and amicably solving our internal differences is what Mother Ethiopia expects of us! And the developments of the past couple of months can only make our Mother mighty joyful and proud of us!

The unified work for the common mission underway in the home front is equally, if not much more so, breath taking and no doubt a foundation for our quantum leap to triumph and glory! The resolute steadfastness, in the face of a merciless monster, displayed on the question of our sovereignty by the various opposition political parties in Ethiopia is truly commendable! All our people from all corners, just as was the case during the onset of the Shaebia aggression, are converging in concordance to do the noble thing! The noble mission of safeguarding our sovereignty and "standing up" to the evil of dictatorship and to those merchants of death bought to actualize the unfinished task of subjecting our country to the evil designs of the "Scramble for Africa!" And make no mistake about it, this unprecedented unity in purpose and vision is sending seismics into the corridors of Meles, Shaebia and their extremist petrol-patron sponsors of the Middle East!

We need to be careful though. We must know with absolute certainty and clarity the path, depth and extent of our mission! While there is no, and can never be any misunderstanding on what we mean by democracy and the removal of the Meles-Sibhat clique from the sacred citadel of our State power, some of us seem to be missing the boat on what we mean by our "sovereignty!" We must be unambiguous on what we mean by the latter! It is the most critical and the heart and essence of who we are as a people, and it is the content and context of what Ethiopia is and represents!

Some of us appear to be keyed on Asseb. Others are satisfied with the territories captured during the May-June, 2000 offensive and maybe a little more. And the rest, seem to be bent on following the foot prints not only of Alula Aba Nega but also that of our most celebrated Queen, the Queen of Sheba, all the way to the entire coastal frontiers of ours that is the Red Sea!

Clearly, we need to be one on our vision on the magnitude of our sovereignty. Every Ethiopian with love and reverence for his/her country and her towering history, and with an utmost revulsion for the evils of fascism must understand that there can never be differences in view on the extent and depth of our territorial sovereignty and how we must go about reclaiming it! It is not an abstract and it is not without dimension! It is all vividly marked and defined with bold line over three thousand years in length. All we have got to do is be true to our history and our heritage! It is all there and in fact has been there for a time immemorial!

It is an abomination and a colossal blunder to demand for Asseb alone! We must understand that the latter is but the tip of the iceberg and we would be desecrating our history and the memories of those gallant heroes/heroines of ours who delineated our sovereign territories for us with their precious blood! We must be clear that it is not Asseb, and in fact Asseb is a sideshow. If we are believers in our history and followers of our giants, if we are people of character and principles, which we are, it is not Asseb alone but Aduolis too! We have to be absolutely clear that we want nothing less than what is historically ours, and we must be fully prepared and steadfast in our resolve to liberate and defend that which has been clearly ours for thousands of years! In a time where sovereign rights are being claimed based on some Biblical accounts, it would be utter foolishness and inexcusable for us to relinquish our territories we have held for eons!

There can be no issue as to on whose side we must be on the sovereignty question. We can only align with Alula Aba Nega. As proud Ethiopians, we can never stand for the cause of colonial Italy! We must realize therefore that a demand for Asseb alone is tantamount to acquiescing to the dream of Mussolini and his forefathers! And it would mean that we would be failing to honor our history and those good men and women who blessed us with deeds that fills our heart with pride and joy each and every day of our lives! Compromising with the evil that was Italy’s legacy would also mean that we would be compromising on our Ethiopian character, heritage and not to mention our eon-aged belief and creed of never compromising on our independence and the sanctity of our soil! Remember that our forefathers washed the feet of our guests before letting them depart to their place of origin!

And we need to remember too of what is at stake. Being an Ethiopian entails a major responsibility indispensable not only to who we as a people of a proud history are but also to billions of the African people and others throughout the world, who imbibe thrills, pride, peace and comfort from the foot prints of our glorious past! Need we be reminded on what has been written about us in the annals of world history? It is brightly spot-lighted for all to see and for us to relish upon when our enemies admit that "…in the decades when most Africans found no response to the overwhelming European challenge, and when Orientals had to admit their inferiority, Ethiopia met fire with fire…" Imagine how our great heroes and heroines of our past would feel and how we would feel if we were to do less centuries later! Would it not mean that we have become a failure and unworthy to be called Ethiopians? Will it not mean then that we have become the protagonists of our break up and demise? Unthinkable!

We have a heavy responsibility to our heritage and to our children to carry on the great legacy! Accordingly, we must be vigilant of the ventriloquists. There are those who say that a quest, let alone for Aduolis, one for Asseb will result in our demise! We must remain vigilant and steadfast of viewpoints of this nature! Such a point of view can only be held by those disciples of Mussolini or those lowest of the low in our midst who have chosen money over their very soul! We must let these robots with our conscience that we are a people of history, culture and foresight. We know who we are and bonded together, we know what we have done in the past and what we can do now and in the future! We must let them know that we were never intimidated by the bravado of colonial Italy, never yielded to Isayas’s bluff of the "sun not rising" and the "palm growing hair," and we intend to prove them idiots in the purgatory of their choice now and in the future to come! They may talk of "one Fleet for 1000 flies" and "one cat for 50 mice," but we know who ended up the flies and the mice, and there can be no doubt that we will even do better in the apocalypse of their choice to come!

There is no question that Meles and company will resort to the scare tactic of disintegration to demoralize us. The recent jambo mambo of Zone 5 integrating with Somalia is just the beginning. Meles has invited Aydid to our nation’s capital to have him make such a blasphemy in the hope that we may think he is the glue holding us together! But Meles must know that we will never loose our nerve and that we will prevailed not only over him but also over those for whom he has become a slave!

It would be foolish for any of us to believe that the survival of Ethiopia is dependent on the survival of the Meles-Sibhat clique! They may wish all they want but we believe in the contrary. If there is anyone and any force working feverishly to dismantle our country, it really is not Shaibia but its progeny- Meles and Sibhat! Hence the survival of the Meles-Sibhat clique is not that which will guarantee our survival as a country but their demise! These demons have, time and again, demonstrated to us very clearly whom they work for! They have shown us in no uncertain terms that their loyalty is to Shaibia and those others filthy with petro-dollars and others of other interests! Be it auctioning our historical land without our consent, destroying our constitution, the plundering of our country’s economy, and betraying our defense forces, these thugs without conscience have done us in! We need no more evidence, and how delightful it is that the overwhelming majority of our people have come to realize of the enemy from within as the single most destructive predatory monster ever to appear in the Ethiopian landscape!

Meles and company is desperately rushing to give legitimacy to their crime. We Ethiopians know that Ras Alula is not represented at The Hague. And He would never have taken part in such treason either! He would never have allowed Ethiopia's case to be heard anywhere but in his own court! And if he were alive, he would have had the Seyoums, the Meleses, the Sibhats and their partners in this heinous crime pulverized in the hottest fire of all!

We know the Hague futility is nothing but a shenanigan designed to auction the sacred soil of Ethiopia. Meles and Isayas are nothing but two sides of the same mission doing everything to tell us what is ours and what is Mussolini's! But Ethiopians have spoken; we have made it clear that we will never permit Mussolini’s blue print to breeze life in our neck of the woods! We have gone on the record, a record we intend to back up by all means, in no uncertain terms that the Meles-Sibhat ventriloquist does not represent us and can never speak on our behalf! We have said it loud and clear that the mischief to be born in The Hague will never fly; as far as Mother Ethiopia is concerned the sham verdict is already null and void!

Having made our intent clear, we need to, once again, keep in mind that the issue is not Asseb alone; there are others of profound implications. Even if the Hague decision is on our favor and Shaibia is evacuated from Asseb, la Luta continua; the struggle will continue! Those vintrolocus of fascism must know that Aduolis is our law and eradication of fascism is our peace! This means that we will not only claim that which is historically ours but we will bring those tentacles of tyranny, and treason to the court of law! Our mission is therefore:

    1. Follow Alula’s foot prints and reclaim all our land all the way from Kessela to the Red Sea;
    2. Hold the Meles regime accountable for misusing the noble dream and effort of the people of Tigray to harm them, and for harming Ethiopia and Her interests
    3. Overthrow the outlaw regime of Meles Zenawi and hold him and his cohorts accountable for all the crimes including:
    1. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the complete plunder of the Ethiopian economy by the disciples of Mussolini;
    2. Hold the Meles regime accountable for failure to maintain the country’s defense readiness, and dismantling the "Dergue army" and demobilizing the EPRDF freedom fighters while he was aware that Shaebia was preparing to blackmail Ethiopia;
    3. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the massacres of Ayder School, Adigrat and in the Badime, Zal Ambessa, and Irob frontiers;
    4. Hold the Meles regime for betraying the EDF and the Ethiopian people in times of war with Shaibia and incurring the death of 45, 000 of our soldiers;
    5. Hold Meles and Sibhat for passing state secret to Shaibia and for being a foreign agent;
    6. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the complete destruction of the Ethiopian constitution
    7. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the complete destruction of the constitution of the State of Tigray;
    8. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the complete destruction of the constitution of the TPLF;
    9. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the complete destruction of the constitution of the ANDM;
    10. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the complete destruction of the constitution of the OPDO;
    11. Hold the Meles regime accountable for the complete destruction of the constitution of the EPRDF;
    12. Hold the Meles regime accountable for violating the rights of the President of Ethiopia, His Excellency Dr. Negasso Ghidada;
    13. Hold the Meles regime accountable for violating the rights of the Guardian-12 both as individual citizens and elected members of Parliament;
    14. Hold the Meles regime accountable for failing to come to the rescue of Ethiopian citizens wallowing in the hells of Shaibia;
    15. Hold the Meles regime accountable for failing to protect the lives and properties of Ethiopian citizens robbed and murdered or inhumanely thrown out of Eritrea in 1991;
    16. Hold the Meles-Sibhat clique for the killing of thousands of Tigrean fighters who opposed Meles’s Eritrean policy during the armed struggle;
    17. Hold the Meles-Sibhat clique for the desecrating the Ethiopian flag and equating the history of Ethiopia with 100 years;
    18. killing of thousands of Tigrean fighters who stood up for Ethiopia and opposed Meles’s Eritrean policy during the armed struggle;
    19. Hold the Meles regime accountable for denying the right of our people to form truly functioning political parties, and for jailing political leaders for their political views;
    20. Hold the Meles regime accountable for failing to protect press freedom and for denying and jailing of journalists for carrying out their press responsibilities;
    21. Hold the Meles regime accountable for using the police and the Defense Forces for partisan political interests;
    22. Hold the Meles regime accountable for denying the rights of working people to form functional and effective unions;
    23. Hold the Meles regime accountable for lying by the oceans and stealing and for being the second generation disciple of Mussolini and a caricature of Shaebia.; and
    24. Hold the Meles regime accountable for other crimes not yet uncovered!

Indeed, our demand is not for Asseb alone! Our mission is for more than Asseb; it is also for justice! Having outlined our cause, we must get ready to bring it to fruition. We must get ready to address their bluff. We must get ready for the show, the judgement and for the drama of good over evil! We must get ready to combust those canisters of hot air! Let the flies and Fleet, and the cat and mice dance; let us face Mussolini and his likes once more. There can be no mission more important than to bring the Meles-Sibhat clique to justice and to undo the sins they have committed against our people, country and our history!

We thing is for sure. Tigray will never let the Meles-Sibhat Trojan Horse go free! It has paid too much of a price and worse Her noble cause was terribly misused to her detriment and to the detriment of the rest of Ethiopia! But our compatriots must know and understand that the people of Tigray never set out to disfigure our country! Quite to the contrary. Hers was and still is a mission for a strong and united Ethiopia secured in equity, the rule of law, and for our collective good and never to our detriment! Tigray is just as dumb-founded about the monumental betrayal and treason as is the rest of Ethiopia! And Tigray understands and appreciates the understanding extended to Her; She will never forget the response of Greater Ethiopia to the aggression of Africa’s black Mussolini! And will never forget too, what together united as one, were able to do in the frontiers of Badime, Zal Ambessa, Burie, Tserona, Segeneyti, Berentu, Adi Quala, Mendefera, and Adi Keyih! And if we did not have Mussolini's virus in our midst, our EDF would have cured Mereb Milash of its chronic ills!

Ethiopia must know that Tigray is already on the move against those who misused Her and the rest of Ethiopia. She has already disowned the Meles-Sibhat clique, and virtually the entire Tigrayan people have closed ranks to undo the injustice committed on her and Ethiopia’s behalf! Half of the TPLF Central Committee members (non-Shaibian) have spearheaded the stand of country before anything else campaigned. Yes, they have made mistakes in the past but they have admitted them, and instead of power and privilege, and even though penniless, they have chosen honor and the interest of Ethiopia over anything else! And that is not all, they have committed themselves, just like the rest of Ethiopia, to struggle to restore Ethiopia’s rightful honor and Her historically rightful sovereign territories!

Worry not compatriots, we will prevailed. If Shaibia can make a case to undo what was democratically sanctioned federation of Eritrea with its Motherland, we have volumes of right and evidence to undo the cardinal sin committed by Meles-Sibhat and their god-father- Isayas! We do not even have to go to great length to argue our case. All we have to demonstrate en force and en masse is the fact that whatever fraudulant referendum and kangaroo arbitration conducted is without our consent! And we will fight to win any judgement to which the Ethiopian people are not a party!

We have no choice nor would we want one. We are heirs to a great past. We know probably more than any one in this God given earth the value of our sacred soil. We did not let it out in the past and we can never adulterate it now! We are Ethiopians who "…in the decades when most Africans found no response to the overwhelming European challenge, and when Orientals had to admit their inferiority…" met the challenge "fire with fire!" We are honorable people who for time immemorial lived by valor, and courage anchored on divine morals and ethics! We worship the mysterious, seek knowledge and fear no evil and never allow it permanent residence in our midst and we are a people who have put a premium on independence for eons of time!

No, it can never be Asseb alone! Our mission is vast and honorable. We can never turn our back on honor, for we know, more than anyone does, there is no meaningful life without it! And it was because we put a premium on honor that we have met every challenge "fire with fire!" And there can never be an exception to this rule, for we know the defense of our sovereignty, ushering democracy, and holding the clique devouring our country accountable to our laws is a Ricketier Scale of our Ethiopianess, a guarantor of our survival, a moral and ethical imperative, and a prerequisite for our developmental success! The stakes are high. We must be clear of our path and not be half-hazard in our mission! All the good that we have and that we plan to have could be in jeopardy if we do not keep our "eyes on the prize!"