EDF: Ke Meles Behuala Wede Adi Quala!


Ethiopians should not blame Isayas Afeworki. He is just implementing his Master's will; Mussolini's Will! That he is committed to the Will of his Master, he has told us for almost half of a century! And quiet frankly, we have been clear of his mission and commitment to live by the gospel of Europe's worst.

What we Ethiopians have not been so clear about (not all of us at least) is the intent of the disciple of the disciple of Europe's Monster, the Meles-Sibhat clique. Admittedly, not all Ethiopians were fooled by the evil intention of Isayas's proteges in the heart of our country. But for many of us, the joke is on us; we have been done in BIG time! Let us face it folks; we have been had!

Never could we have imagined that the TPLF could be infected with the most virulent scourge of Europe's worst plague. Or is it that we did not want to believe it? Or is it that we have been naive? And worst, could it be that we have fell victim to the scourge of ethnic rivalries and lost sense of our duty to our people and country? Or have we fallen victim to multiples of causes?

But what does it matternow; the harm has been done! Our emotions have cost us dearly! Meles and company has done an excellent job in burying us in our own emotions. And as we drowned in an induced state of hysteria, the creeping scissors has done its rite! How terrible to come to understand that all the sacrifices of the Ethiopian people, and more so of the people of Tigray was, although we were told it was for the sake of democracy in Ethiopia, it was really a sacrifice for the sake of the disciples of Mussolini! All those Tegadelti, 50 to 70 thousand strong, dead for the hidden agenda of Shaebia!

Indeed the Meles-Sibhat clique is a master of deception. Not only did the clique deceive those of us amateur in political intrigues but more importantly, for too long, almost a quarter of a century to be exact, the clique’s true mission even evaded the keen sense of the Guardian-12! The latter only became aware of the true intention of the enemy within during the May-June, 2000 offensive against Shaebia.

Better late than never goes the good old wisdom. We have finally seen the light; we have finally come to a consensus. And this congruency crosses every border, be it political, ethnic or religious boundaries. There exist today a unanimous meeting of minds among Ethiopians! For the first time in a quarter of a century, Ethiopians have come to understand that our premier mortal enemy lies not across the Mereb but in the Palace of our nation’s capital! All of us and without exception now know that the Meles-Sibhat clique is not TPLF but EPLF!

For many years, those of Tigrayan origin wondered deeply why the TPLF surpassed the EPLF in its advocacy for the cessation of Eritrea. We could not understand why anyone of Tigrayan origin could advocate for a cause contrary to that of Emperor Yohannes and Ras Alula Aba Nega! Anyone of Tigrayan origin advocating for the actualization of Mussolini’s blue print? Unthinkable! But despite our knowledge and commitment to this cardinal rule, we numbly witnessed people claiming to be Tigrayans going with unprecedented vindictiveness at the very heart of our most sacred principle!

But it was not Tigrayans alone who wondered about the unparalleled zeal with which the TPLF leadership campaigned to make Mussolini’s dream a reality. Eritreans were at a loss too. None could comprehend the unprecedented devotion demonstrated by the Meles-Sibhat clique to the Shaebian cause! Not even the repeated insult and denigration in the hands of Isayas could dampen the clique’s enthusiasm for the decapitation of Ethiopia on behalf of Shaebia! No wonder why they were knocking at every door of the UN to administer the sham referendum with so much speed and urgency!

Tigrayans now know why! Even the Guardian-12 now knows why! And the TPLF freedom fighters have been vindicated! The latter have been silenced and even forced to die in the Sahal to bring about the realization of Mussolini’s dream!

Ke Badime mels, yileyiletal Meles vowed Ethiopia’s patriots while on route to Badime! Our heroes from every corner of our country knew of the devil amongst us. They knew who was responsible not only for Shaebia’s onslaught against the sacred soil of our Motherland but for all that took place previously. They recalled the disfigurement of our country and its history, the plunder of our resources, and the mistreatment of our citizens not only in Eritrea but also in our own home front! They recalled too the assassination of General Hayelom, and the incineration of the school children of Ayder, the victims of Adigrat, Alitena, Zal Ambessa and others!

They recalled others too. They recalled of our country, under the guise of cutting defense expenditure and inclusive army, rendered defenseless! Meanwhile, our national treasury and banks were compelled, without the knowledge of the Guardian-12, the Cabinet and the Parliament, to hand over billions of Birr to ensure Mussolini’s dream become a reality! Billions of Birr to Shaebia while our people faced dire shortages of every kind!

They recalled the street scene of Addis and elsewhere in our country, filled with our young girls condemned to survive at any cost thereby making our nation’s capital the Mecca for gigolos, pimps, sadists and pedophiles, and many forced to become slaves in the Gulf States of the Middle East! They recalled the tens of millions of our poor begging to make it through the day! And they recalled of our health care and educational system in our country. So dismal became our health care system that admittance to any of the hospitals meant not cure but certain death! The same was true for many of life’s necessities in our country.

But they went singing our eon-aged patriotic songs to not only defend our country but also to dig out, incinerate and bury the ashes of Mussolini’s blue print in the deepest depth of our coastal frontiers. Boom went the ferocious might of Ethiopia’s best. The earth shook, the day turned dark and the night lit with torrential rain of fire. And when the dust settled, Operation Sunset had ripped the enemy into fragments!

The heart of the Ethiopian people the world over was filled with pride and salutation to our fighting men and women poured from every corner of the globe! But we know now that the success of Operation Sunset was a bitter pill not only to Shaebia but also to the Meles-Sibhat clique too! And this explains why the Meles-Sibhat clique aborted the EDF’s lightening offensive against Shaebia in the May-June, 2000 operation. They could not bear another bitter pill; they could not bear their quarter of a century betrayal of Ethiopia unearthed and made plain to the Ethiopian people! We now understand why they chose to save Shaebia!

We now know why they declared a half-baked victory and ordained the war over! Such crime they committed despite of our people languishing in Isayas’s concentration camps and the enormous cost of the war for our country!

We now have a definitive and reliable number of martyred Ethiopian soldiers. During the entire campaign of the war, 45, 000 Ethiopian and about 117, 000 Shaebian soldiers perished. Of the Ethiopian losses, 15, 000 were TPLF fighters! And what is truly lacerating is that this war was preventable! The Guardian-12 has warned Meles of an imminent Shaebian aggression months earlier but he dismissed it as "yetela bet chewata" and hence the unnecessary loss of life and properties! And what is even more painful is that despite this horrendous lose of lives, and many more dislocations and billions for war materiel, the clique opted to save the perpetrator of these loses!

The clique did not want Shaebia’s army decimated and the threat removed once and for all. We now know that an eight-hour extension of the war would have enabled our EDF to annihilate a fifty thousand man strong Shaebian army on the Mendefera front! We now know too that Siye Abraha, Gebru Asrat and the rest of the Guardian-12 intended to crash the Shaebian army once and for all, and in so doing obliterate Mussolini’s seed of tyranny from our soil! Gratitude be to the Meles-Sibhat clique. They gave Shaebia the chance to go at us one more time. And that time has come again!

Once more Shaebia is on the move. What do we do now? We are once again defenseless! The Palace Group has demobilized 68% of the Ethiopian armed forces! The air force is in shambles! And all these in the face of continued Shaebian rearming and forced recruitment!

Our EDF has been completely made toothless and demoralized beyond belief! Many of the seasoned Generals and Commanders have been fired or have been sent to prison on tramped up charges! The Meles-Sibhat clique has done damage to our EDF what Shaebia could not accomplish with hundreds of thousands of soldiers! What do we do now, and who will save our country now?

We obviously can not abandon our country. We will once again go to the fronts and fry the disciples of the devil in an oven of inferno. But first things first. We can not sing Ke Badime mels, yileyiletal Meles! We must learn from our mistakes. We can never again win the battles but loose the war; we must win it all! The first step? We must change our song. And this time, we have options. Meles before Badime is a mute one, for Badime is in our hands. There is the other song. The song we should have sang at the onset of the last war against Shaebia. And that song? EDF:

ke Meles behuala wede Adi Kuala!!!